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Written in musical verse, Tata and the Big Bad Bull is a West Indies morality tale, with more than one kernel of wisdom about human and animal relationships and interaction…The colourful illustrations present animals as large, almost human creatures, and contain clues and context to the secrets of the story. All the musical verse is full of cheer and specific images of common island life… Tata and the Big Bad Bull is an island wisdom tale with messages of compassion for all.
          Nancy Lorraine, Midwest Book Review

In this delightful tale, young readers…will not only learn about prepositions and other age appropriate language skills, they will…also learn that any obstacle may be overcome by using their minds and that perseverance is a gift in itself.
          Geoffrey Philp, author of Garvey’s Ghost

In Tata and the Big Bad Bull, the exuberant, rocking rhythms of Juleus Ghunta’s rhyming story and the appealing and adventurous human and animal-filled illustrations by Ann-Cathrine Loo draw the reader into the world of Tata and his grandmother. The book addresses in positive terms how to deal with bullying on individual and community levels. I recommend Juleus Ghunta’s book unreservedly.
          Loretta Collins Klobah, PhD, author of Ricantations

Tata and the Big Bad Bull is a fun ride from start to finish with constant repetition to rev up a child’s urge to read out loud. Ann-Cathrine Loo’s bold, brilliantly rendered pictures vividly create a well–loved local setting which will immerse young readers in Tata’s experience.
          Roland Watson–Grant, author of Sketcher

Tata and the Big Bad Bull is filled with twists and turns…light and swift for children to play and revel in. It engages with journey and gives the reader hope and instructions about how to overcome obstacles to achieve a dream…the images spread from the pictures unto the texts bringing alive the tone and texture of the world being created.
          L.A. Wanliss, Jamaica Observer

Juleus Ghunta delivers an axiomatic lesson in courage and redemption. There is…a passive, reflective side of courage seldom explored. To openly acknowledge pain that we have long harboured, and to trust and love again, requires a quality of courage few understand and are capable of demonstrating. Indeed, the once raging bull, in many ways, is the resounding hero in Ghunta’s work.
          Glenville Ashby, PhD, Kaieteur News

This is an excellent story for toddlers up through upper elementary aged children. It presents good character qualities through the challenges that Tata faces and overcomes. It focuses on the differences and similarities of people and how we can use words and understanding to bridge them. There are so many huge life lessons tucked into this small children’s book that it is definitely one you’ll want to read multiple times.
          Holly Johnson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine