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Spongebobs Dick

Sign In. SpongeBob SquarePants -. Hide Spoilers. SpongeBob is a very popular show. Its quirky humor, colorful characters, and crazy plot lines make it irresistible.

After book-bugs leave, the story begins. The story starts with Man Ray robbing the bank. Unfortunately for him, a ship comes from the sky, containing Bubble Bass. The hero escapes the ship and captures Man Ray with his posterior. It's then revealed that the act happened a week earlier, as Bubble Bass and a gang of superheroes are seen watching it on TV in the Merma-lair.

Bubble Bass introduces the rest to their newest member, Wonder Whale, but she isn't at the Merma-lair, late for her appointment, as Bubble Bass said.

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Most of the heroes get shocked by the news and faint, while Bubble Bass becomes tough and would do anything to find her. However, the sound of his mother claims the whole thing imaginary, and thus Bubble Bass is seen in the basement of his mother's house.

While Bubble Bass was searching for Wonder Whale, his mother got him a playdate, who is soon revealed to be Patrick. The former freaks out about it, especially when Patrick is playing with his action figures. Eventually it gets to the point when Patrick fills the room with swamp water, and a whirlpool forms in the middle of the basement.

Gmod Deathrun - Spongebob Parody Map! (Garry's Mod Sandbox Funny Moments)

The Wonder Whale action figure is seen swirling around the center, but the two playmates are too late to save it, and they too, get sucked down. Bubble Bass and Patrick end up in a swamp with a single log as a raft. After realizing what a swamp is like, Bubble Bass notices a figure with his Wonder Whale action figure. They lose him, assuming he is in a shack. The residents of the dilapidated dwelling take them inside, thinking they were trying to steal their illegal hot sauce that could blow anyone's head off, which is what happens to Patrick before he states that it isn't spicy.

Bubble Bass and Patrick decide to run away, with the group after them. After a long chase, the hot sauce finally causes Patrick to go full-dragon, so he burns the boat that the hot sauce gang was on. Afterwards, the two playmates find the robber again, and fell into his snare trap. The villain then reveals himself as Hoodoo Guru, the Voodoo Villain, who stole the action figure to complete his collection.

Patrick then offers spaghetti to Bubble Bass, which he got from the net, and Patrick eats the rest, releasing both of them as they land on Hoodoo and retrieve Wonder Whale. But the Voodoo Villain subsequently grabs a Patrick action figure without red spots. This is soon revealed to control Patrick, as his body matches how the action figure posed.

I still laugh at the jokes to this day. But then, one day I decided to watch a newer episode of Spongebob. I was horrified at what I saw; there was no actual humor, just attempts at humor that fell extremely flat. None of the jokes were funny!

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But nothing at all was even a tiny bit amusing. The verbal jokes were incredibly lazy and dry, and many times felt forced. The physical humor was not any better. The writers for the show were running out of ideas-I could tell. I also have a few things to say about the animation. I don't know what happened, but I think the older episodes looked a lot better, and more rugged like other cartoons such as The Angry Beavers great show, by the way.

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The newer episodes' animation features brighter colors, rounder, thicker characters, and obnoxious details that really should have been left out. Spongebob's face, for example, conveys far too much happiness and ecstasy, to the point were it gets a tad frightening. In fact, all the characters express far too intense emotions at times that are either very annoying, or borderline scary. In summation, if the look of a show is important to you, maybe you should stay away from the newer episodes of this far too long-running TV series.

Someone needs to take a stand against Nickelodeon, for subjecting us to watch this garbage that used to be gold. If this show had stopped after the movie was released, every individual who grew up with Spongebob would have been a lot happier.

Please, only watch the old episodes. The new ones are so awful, it actually fills me with pain to think about them.

Swamp Mates

Also, keep your kids away from the show. Spongebob has become a terrible emotional influence.

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Only let them watch seasons one through three. Nickelodeon needs to end the reformed Spongebob's reign of terror. Spongebob Squarepants used to be Nikelodeaen's signature series. All the characters were good and the plot lines had meaning, and the show had talent.

Nickelodean said in when the show was created that they would do three seasons and then do the movie. After the movie, series creator and creative writer Stepen Hillenburg basically left the show and Paul Tibbit basically took over everything.

This is when the show started going down hill. Then more rookie writers were hired and gave the plot lines dry, stupid humor. Everything that the first three seasons and the movie had set in stone was then defied and questioned in the past three seasons. Spongebob has become high-pitched and annoying.

Patrick is just oblivious to anything, now. Sandy is too smart and is overused. Krabs has become TOO cheap and his cheapness has been reused in too many episodes. Squidward has become too sarcastic and obsessed with himself. Spongebob has just become a whiny baby. If people thought he was gay when he came out, they should look at him now! It isn't funny any more. All of the plot lines are extremely predictable. Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula, Mr.

Krabs pinches a penny, Spongebob cries.

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Nickelodeon is just bleeding this show dry, such as what FOX is doing with the Simpson's. They will sponge off of this show for as long as they can.

I would have given this show a ten star rating for seasons and the movie. Now a one. In it's peak first three seasons this show is a jolly trip through surrealism and relatable adult humor that really passed by all of our heads as we grew up. At it's current state it's not bad, though rarely does it ever fall back into that fantastic form that the first three seasons kept up.

It's not a bad show though, occasionally it's too surreal and oddball and obscene but nothing involving the show is ever offensively bad, excuse the rare episode. It's slapstick that kinda falls too deep into the violent and vicious side of slapstick.

I admire how courageous it is at trying to make itself really stand out at times. It deserves its long lasting life, and I don't mind seeing it run till the world ends. It pains me to give Spongebob Squarepants a 1 because I used to watch it all the time as a kid! When I was growing up the episodes were great! It was witty, fun, and quirky humor. I'm eighteen now and the loved show that I grew up with is gone now. I watched the show with my niece a few times recently and I was shocked!

The episodes are truly disgusting. The scenarios were so weird, gross, and outright inappropriate for young kids to watch. I really could not believe that it was on for Saturday morning cartoons! The new spongebob episodes should be on Adult Swim. I am absolutely appalled with how much this show has changed.

I don't know if less effort is being put in Ir if they are trying to cater to a new audience, but I know that I wouldn't let my children if I had any watch the recent episodes of this show.

Been a Spongebob Squarepants fan sinceand quite frankly, I am very disappointed of how much this show has changed over the years. Here's a brief summery of it: Season 1 - - The early classic episode years: When the show first started, it wasn't bad. Yes, there was less humor, and the stories were slower-paced, but they were strong stories, and crucially the characters were funny, likable, and identifiable.

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Despite being roughly drawn. Seasons 2 and 3 - - The later classic episode years: Pretty much all Spongebob fans would agree that you can't get better than these years. The writing team was at its absolute best and the stories were all fresh. In these days there was no such thing as a bad episode. There wasn't a single episode that did not make you laugh non-stop for 11 minutes. Seasons - - The poor episode years: Season 4 marked the beginning of the gradual decline of Spongebob Squarepants.

It was the first ever season to have bad episodes. And by season 5 when most of the original writing team had leftwe had episodes that weren't just poor, they felt like a completely different TV show. Then, in season 6, they began making absolute crap.

The Spongebob as we've known and loved was all but dead. But probably the one moment when every Spongebob fan realized - for certain - it was no longer the same show, was when Mr. Krabs becomes obsessed over a penny that SpongeBob finds in "Penny Foolish". This episode had absolutely no humor or plot. It concluded with Mr. Krabs selling out thousands of dollars he had just to receive one darn penny. The writers might as well of had him selling out the entire show's fanbase, while at it.

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From here on, the crap episodes just kept coming more and more and these days you can go almost an entire season without finding a good one. So in conclusion, I'm rating the show 5 stars for the first 3 seasons and the semi-decent Seasons.

However, I can't give the more recent episodes even the slightest praise. Ever since I was a kid, Spongebob has been my favorite Nick cartoon.

At least he used to be. Sponebob used to be the only funny, creative, witty show on Nickelodeon. The concept of the show is so original! A pineapple under the sea with a sponge living in it? Who else would have come up with that? The jokes were hilarious and aimed at fans of ALL ages.

Spongebob used to be great, and sadly, it has dumbed down to the abysmal level the other poor excuses of cartoons that are all you see these days. Spongebob has become something terrible. The new episodes are boring, dumb, and the jokes are atrocious. I watch one episode where Spongebob and Patrick get in a fight and try to build sandcastles and attack each other. I didn't laugh once.

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I found myself trying to find any hint of something amusing, and failed. Not only is the witty humor of Spongebob dead, the characters are all being butchered. Spongebob used to be a fun, happy-go-lucky kid at heart, and he was funny.

Now, he's overly sensitive, stupid, and you'll hear this many times GAY. He really is.

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Also, in a newer episode, Spongebob says, and I quote: "I like Squidward. Patrick used to be hilarious, and stupid, but in a believable, witty way. Patrick used to make me laugh every time he was on the screen.

Now, he's not funny at all. He has also became SO stupid that it's just plain annoying and unbelievable. It really hurts me to see him in the new episodes. Squidward used to be funny also, but in his own sarcastic, superior way.

His reactions to Spongebob's many intrusions and his bad attitude was entertaining to watch. Now, he's just plain boring to watch. He seems way too obsessed with himself, and he's very depressing. Krabs used to be obsessed with money, but in a funny, believable way. Now he's so obsessed with obtaining money it's almost dangerous and unhealthy. It seems he would even boil himself in oil just to earn a penny.

It's pretty annoying now. I don't really know what to say about her. She's smart and I like her, but her personality never really seemed a huge addition to the show. Although, I really enjoyed her in the old episode, Texas, which remains one of my favorites to this day. Now, they really made her boring. All she does is offer scientific advice to Spongebob and that's about it. What has been happening to Spongebob really makes me sad.

Looking back at the older episodes, you really wouldn't know that it was possible for such a great show could turn into such a load of crap. Like all the other terrible cartoons on television, i.

If you're going to watch this show, watch the older episodes. They have all the wit, humor, and heart that the new episodes lack. Please, new writers of Spongebob. Spongebob was an wonderful show. Spongebob was a naive, optismic sponge, Patrick was a dumb yet hilarious star, Mr. Krabs was a cheap krab who owned the KK, Plankton was Krabs' enemy, Sandy was the karate and Texan squirrel, and Squidward was a sarcastic squid who hated Spongebob's activities.

The show was awesome and hilarious. Example: Once upon a time, there was a ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end. Is this the KK?

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No, this is Patrick. Hilarious days. But then The Spongebob Squarepants Movie was released, and this happened: Once upon a time, Viacom was happy with the end of Spongebob.

Apr 26,   Does SpongeBob Squarepants Have A Penis? An Investigation does he have a penis or is it like a sponge attachment you get. PM - 13 Jul Do he got a dick? 24 Jokes From "SpongeBob SquarePants" That Will Honestly Never Not Be Funny "Can I be excused for the rest of my life?" by Nora Dominick. BuzzFeed Staff. 1. When SpongeBob was a . Spongebob Squarepants" TV Series It seems that it wasn't long ago that this show aired on Nickelodeon, but it's been like 5 years, and Spongebob Squarepants' popularity hasn't decreased at all- of course, I can see why. This show is set in the small town of Bikini Bottom (a town under the sea that is home to many sea worthy creatures)- including a spontaneous sponge named Spongebob.

One day, they accidentally brought Mr. Krabs to the real world, and forced them to make worser shows and continue Spongebob with worser equipment, or they would get killed. Yeah, that is not true, but now, the show sucks. Like if a 1-year old and Spongebob were in a crying competition, Spongebob would easily win at a crying competition.

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And if Wario TM was to face off in a cheapness competition with Mr. Krabs, guess who would win? Watch seasons and the movie. Spongebob is now the worst show on Nick. Nick sealed its grave.

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The show is now as bad is dirt. Don't watch an episode after Season 5. Kjvm 25 June This show used to be great and have great characters. Plankton straight up said he was waiting to be run over by a bus because he was constantly being tormented by Mr. The new writers think gross out humor is funny. Squidward is the ONLY semi- likable character.

Since the towns people are two faced, hypocritical, asshole, bullies who always do terrible things to the main characters for no apparent reason. Squidward is tortures mercilessly for doing nothing wrong in almost every episode. Then sponge Bob runs away crying and the towns people blame Squidward and claim they didn't know it was sponge bobs diary?

First of all the bullies, i mean towns people were making fun of sponge bob because of the diary so how did they not know? This episode is just one of many example with messed up morals and predictable endings. This show has to be one of the greatest shows of all time, if your not counting seasonsI know most people say either seasons were the only good ones or were amazing were OK, but I think season 5 was good it might just be nostalgia talking but there were definitely good episodes in seasons Lets face it all the episodes in seasons were amazing even though Gary takes a bath still creeps me out and there were definitely good ones in such as: Dunces and Dragons, Krusty towers, Have you seen this snail?

There are also good episodes from season 6 and a couple from 7 like: Spongicus, SB vs The Big One, Dear vikings, Sand castles in the sand, Truth or Square and Pineapple fever and yet again I could go on and on, good ones from 7 are: Spongebobs last stand, That sinking feeling, Krusty dogs and enchanted tiki dreams. I think it is time to end this amazing show though. All opinions are mine. Die Laughing headache 20 May I'm a junior in college, and I can't help but flipping to Spongebob every saturday morning at work.

This cartoon series is a work of art! It's a hilarious journey into the world of Spongebob Squarepants and his friends, a mentally challenged starfish named Patrick, a miserly 70's reject squid, Squidward, and Sandy, some sort of tripped up Squirrel who lives underwater via an air-suit. The humor is hilarious, and as a college student, I can't stop laughing!

ImSpidey2 16 February Especially the new SpongeBob. It went from awesome to atrocious.

Sponge bobs dick

I want to kill every writer who worked on it. First of all, the characters are backwards. SpongeBob is now annoying, Patrick is now brainless, Squidward is now always grumpy, Mr. Krabs is now incredibly greedy, Sandy is now a plot device, and everyone else is no better. The writing is childish. The episodes are torturous, such as the Splinter and House Fancy. The humor is all gross humor and I despise that There are no positives for this show.

If you want to watch SpongeBob, just watch the old episodes. You don't want to watch this. This deserves to sink into the dead sea. I'm very tired of having to tolerate this garbage. I've had enough of Nickelodeon. This has gone too far. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to burn the Nickelodeon studio to the ground. Ahh yes, the good show Yoshi 26 April I remember when I first saw the show, the episode: Bubblestand. I loved that episode and decided to wait for more episodes.

That was when I noticed that five million more episodes came on. Watched every single one of 'em. I loved it as a little kid, and I still like it today. I love this show so much I could hug it. Too bad they haven't made recent and decent episodes these days. The newest one sucked.

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Anyways, this show is a really cool one because there is no point to it and there is mindless comedy! I recommend most of you to watch it, for it is the best. A really fair show indeed. What the hell happened to Spongebob? SB's voice is high and whiny, and the way he's drawn now is just awful.

The humor used to be dark, quirky and funny. Now, it just looks like they're going through the motions. It looks like the whole series has jumped the shark. There's just no passion left. I wonder if all the original writers and animators have simply left. Way to go, Nickelodeon, for ruining a once great show that I've enjoyed since the very beginning. I really, really hate you guys. Let me just say, Spongebob was a big part of my childhood.

The thing I love about Old Spongebob is that it's really clever, hilarious, and actually really smart and clever with hidden adult jokes and funny puns. Old Spongebob was a show that everyone could love and appreciate with off-the-wall humor, great jokes, and memorable episodes. Like, remember this line?

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