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It was my sons first weekend back from college. He just turned 19 years old. I have not seen him for months. Last I heard, he had been very upset, he refused to tell me why, only saying it was very embarrassing and it was something a mother shouldn't know. My son has always been shy. He is very quiet, and apart from me, he could not talk to women if his life depended on it.

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As the clock in my workshop showed itself getting closer and closer to quitting time I noticed myself anticipating the evening. I thought my job, as Brenda's husband, was to do everything I could to have her life be great, even if it embarrassed or humiliated me. Perhaps I could learn something from the man coming to fuck my wife that would enable me to be enough lover to satisfy her.

When I arrived home I parked my car in the garage and quickly went inside. I changed the sheets on our bed, lit two fragrance candles, made sure a fresh bar of soap was in the shower, fresh towels hanging nearby and whatever else I could think of to make the environment conducive to them enjoying their fucking.

A few minutes after six I heard two cars pull into our driveway. As I heard their feet on the back stairs I opened the back door and Brenda stepped inside. She smiled at me and said, "Matt, this is Billy, my husband. He will be watching as we fuck. He wants to see how a man fucks a woman, a real man, with a real cock.

He was the embodiment of tall, dark and handsome.

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Easily six foot four and muscular he filled the expensive suit he wore and moved with self-assurance. He wore a suit that was tailored and must have cost a thousand dollars.

His face was tanned and he smiled at me as he entered our home. I put out my hand and he walked passed me.

True Story: I Prefer Small Penises

That was my first hint that Brenda's lover didn't see things the way I did. In the kitchen Brenda opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses.

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She and Matt drained half their contents and then kissed. It was obvious they had kissed before and that Brenda liked kissing Matt. She molded her body to his and placed his hands on her ass as their faces met.

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Arm in arm they turned and left the kitchen. I noticed that Brenda didn't pour me a glass of wine. She had treated me as a servant, not a spouse.

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She guided Matt to the master bedroom. In the bedroom she helped him undress and handed me his clothes to hang up. He stood watching Brenda and I as if he always was undressed by others and tended to as if he were something quite special.

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When Brenda lowered his silk boxers his huge penis was exposed. Brenda held it with both her hands, saying, "Look Billy, isn't it wonderful?

She removed her thong and handed it to me. It was soaking wet. I hung her dress on a hanger and when I turned back towards the bed Brenda was on her back with her legs spread wide. Matt said, "Your cunt will never take what I have for you without preparation. I'll rip you when I push inside.

Billy, I want you to eat Brenda to an orgasm while she sucks me. I looked at Brenda and she smiled up at me. I know you love eating me. Make me cum for my new lover, Billy. Her hands went to the junction of her thighs and she held herself open for me. I knelt beside the bed and bent to the task I'd been given.

Matt moved close to Brenda's head and aimed his flaccid cock at her mouth. She smiled up at him and opened wide to admit the intruder. Get her to cum before I get all the way hard, Ok? I looked up and saw Matt's swelling cock stretching her lips.

Small dick story

After a minute or so of our efforts Brenda started talking between efforts to get Matt's cock ready for her fucking. She held his cock, pulled back so she could speak and said, "Billy, look how big Matt is. God I wish you were even half as big!

I love your big cock. She used the name Billy instead of Bill as she had called me for most of the years we had been a couple.

Even my Mom had stopped calling me Billy when I was ten. My feelings were wounded.

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Bad enough that she brought a man into our home, our bed, to fuck her. The verbal abuse was unnecessary. I felt tears welling up as I felt her pussy responding. I saw how huge his cock had grown. Brenda was having trouble getting it in her mouth. She shuddered and came. As soon as she started to cum Matt pulled out of her mouth and said, "Good!

Now I can get inside your cunt! She yelped at his first push inside her. He hesitated and let her get used to the stretch of her vaginal walls, then he pushed deeper inside her. From where I landed on the floor, beside the bed, I had a very clear view of his cock sliding inside my wife.

Her normally pale skin near her pussy was pinking and swelling.

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Her natural lubrication leaked out with his every stroke. Fuck me good! She braced herself by putting her hands on the headboard as Matt pushed her towards the headboard with every thrust.

It was my sons first weekend back from college. He just turned 19 years old. I have not seen him for months. Last I heard, he had been very upset, he refused to tell me why, only saying it was very embarrassing and it was something a mother shouldn't know. Three well-endowed brothers ruin spring break with the girls. A husband tells his past to understand the future. Tom and Melissa are a married Christian couple. Small penis humiliation for a high school jock. and other exciting erotic at!

He leaned forward, pressing down with his hands behind her knees to further fold her and make his penetration feel even deeper to her. She had often held her legs up when we fucked, but always with her legs together. With Matt in her she opened her legs wide and looked up at his face, glancing down where they joined often. Sweat made their skin wet.

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Their combined grunts and groans sounded much like a porno movie sound track. I felt myself being hard and turned on The sight and sounds were ruttingly sensual. He released his hold of Brenda's legs and she turned over. She put her head on the bed, her ass she aimed at Matt's erect prick. He grabbed her hips and said, "Billy, help me aim my cock into her cunt! He was giving me an order!

He expected me to hold his cock and aim it into Brenda! I hesitated. Brenda looked at me and said, "Billy, this is what I want, too. Do what Matt wants.

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I've spent years being unsatisfied! I was amazed at how big his cock felt in my hand and how hot. When the tip touched her opening Matt leaned forward and slid into my wife, my Brenda. Brenda moaned and said, "Yes! That's the fucking I've always needed!

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