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Stangel (Stitch & Angel) Scenes

Angel is a featured article , which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be ated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Angel , A. She is designed to turn people and experiments from good to evil. Luckily, the effects can be reversed by chanting the evil song backwards.

Various official Disney merchandise, promotional imagery, and crossover game appearances such as Disney Magic Kingdoms have established that the single upside-down heart-shaped back marking to be the canonical marking.

There are lighter spots around her eyes and light fur from the bottom of her mouth to her stomach. In addition, she has a thin white V-shaped marking on her chest.

Also, when Angel's song is sung backwards, it will have the opposite effect turning evil people and previous experiments to good. Akootah chi meetoh igata no mootah, naga to nala itume tidooka. English translation: Heed me, you are in my power. Henceforth, nothing shall be too cruel or too abominable for you. You cannot escape. Like Stitch, Angel has pads on her hands and feet that produce a sticky substance which lets her scale walls and ceilings, a very flexible skeletal system, and retractable claws on her front and back paws, but unlike Stitch, she lacks an extra pair of retractable arms.

Angel soon felt Stitch's paw on her waist, and she held her paws around is head, stroking it as their lips came closer to each other. Then, at the moment they touched, they received their first, passionate kiss of compassion and love, their saliva mixing as their tongues darted into each other's mouths, licking and caressing each other. Watch Lilo And Stitch porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Lilo And Stitch scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Cartoon porn comic Stitch x Angel on section Lilo and Stitch for free and without registration. The best collection of Rule 34 porn comics for adults/5(70).

She is strong enough to shatter the sealed glass containers that experiments had been captured in by headbutting them; however, the true extent of her strength is unknown. Additionally, she has acrobatic reflexes and is shown to be highly athletic and skilled with karate. She can use her antennae as prehensile limbs in order to reach distant objects or operate mechanisms such as a button. She is naturally heat resistant to toxins and extremely durable. At an unknown point after this, Experiment was activated and captured by Gantu.

However, he was actually attempting to lead to Lilo and Stitch so as to trick them into taking her in, which was part of his evil plan.

Stitch and Angel (Beautiful Moments)

Just then, came out of nowhere and bumped into Lilo. Lilo scolded and told her to watch where she was going, but the latter just growled at Lilo and fled.

Stitch quickly spotted from a distance and chased after her. He soon found her in an alley and was instantly smitten with her. During her stay, Angel seduced Stitch with her charm, while the latter maintained a crush on her. At one point, as they sat together in a hammock, Stitch hugged Angel while Pleakley filmed them, which made Stitch quite peeved.

Sometime later, Lilo consulted Jumba to find out what Angel's primary function was. However, before Jumba could warn Lilo about Angel's powers, she sang into Jumba's ear, causing the latter to revert to evil and cover up for her.

After Lilo and Stitch left Jumba alone, he allowed Angel access to his experiment database. Unbeknownst to them, Angel was working for Gantu, who had sent her to successfully seduce Stitch and lure him into a trap.

Ironically, Experiment was similarly attracted to Angel though she apparently had no romantic feelings for him whatsoever. Angel woke up the next morning to see Stitch proposing to her with a bouquet of flowers. She was flattered by this, but then attempted to revert Stitch to evil as well. However, this failed due to the fact that Stitch had been created after her, although he complimented her singing.

Angel soon left the house with regret for Stitch and reported back to Gantu, but not before reverting several rehabilitated experiments to evil along the way. Confused but unalarmed, Stitch pursued Angel around the island while trying to woo her in various ways. She eventually lured Stitch to Gantu's hideoutwhere Gantu and the recaptured evil experiments lurked inside a concealed ship.

At the hideout, Angel revealed her true colors by trapping Stitch inside, but began to feel guilt over betraying him as the ship took off. The experiments then disabled the ship's navigation and escaped the hideout while carrying Stitch triumphantly.

Lilo eventually had a change of heart about Angel after learning that she did save Stitch's life. However, when all seemed well, Gantu came for Angel and pointed a net cannon at her. Stitch tried to protect Angel, but he was blasted into a net, enabling Gantu to capture Angel in a container and flee with her.

Regardless, Lilo promised Stitch that they would rescue Angel someday. In " Snafu ", Reuben cleverly tricked the captive Angel into singing her song backwards to "turn him good" while it was being recorded by the former. Lilo, Stitch, Angel, and the freed experiments then narrowly escaped the ship, and Stitch and Angel left on a date shortly after.

The first experiments, including Angel, were rounded up by Leroy and taken to a stadium to be destroyed. Angel participated in the following battle between the experiments and the Leroy clones by using her martial arts skills to defeat and knock the Leroys out, particularly when a group of Leroy clones attacked Stitch.

In the Stitch!

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Though she appears more periodically in the anime series than the original series, her general attitude has shifted to that of a spoiled celebrity, which is logical as she has undergone approximately a decade of fame. There is actual evidence to this in several episodes. Upon her first meeting with Yunathey were on bad terms apparently but eventually put their differences aside.

She even briefly fell for Kijimunaa in "Son of Sprout" when he won a fight against Stitch purely by accident, of course. She jumped off her bed, and walked outside. What she didn't know was that Stitch was walking by, holding a tray filled with ice cream and chocolate syrup and sprinkles, all for himself. As Angel opened the door, the inevitable happened. Both Stitch and the ice cream tray slammed into the door, and Stitch was covered with ice cream, syrup and sprinkles from top to toe.

Angel is s-so sorry!! Stitch just rubbed his nose and face, and looked at Angel. He chuckled a bit, and held Angel's shoulder. Angel doesn't have to be afraid. Stitch won't be mad at Angel. Stitch can't be mad at Angel. He had that gift to do that. Angel nodded, giggling nervously as she went back to her room, shutting the door, but left it slightly opened. What was she thinking?! Now Stitch had become dirty and all and it was her fault.

Stitch angel sex

She should have looked before opening the door, so why didn't she do it? She felt so guilty and stupid of what she did, and didn't know what to do next. She rushed over to her bed, threw herself on it, and laid face-down into it. As Stitch returned to outside Angel's room, he was surprised that Angel was not there. Looking around, she noticed Angel's door being slightly open. He was polite though, and knocked first.

Stitch went inside Angel's room, and looked around. He was impressed at how neat her room was, and whistled lowly for himself. He walked up to Angel, and stroked her head. Stitch is not mad or gone. Stitch is here. Angel just groaned and turned away. Why is Angel mad at Stitch?

Nani And Stitch. Ahsoka & Stitch. Stitch's Mating Season. Veemon's Happy Day 1. Angel & Stitch. Veemon's Happy Day. Aggie Plum. Nani. Angel x Stitch. Miki Miki Lilo! Boojiboo! In The Claws Of The Intruder. Please Nurse Me. Please, Tame Me. First Previous; Photos 1 Cartoon porn comics from section Lilo and Stitch for free and without registration. Best collection of porn comics by Lilo and Stitch! Stitch x Angel. Tricksta. Creampie, Anal Sex, Aliens, Cunnilingus, Oral sex, Incest. Angel, Stitch. 'stitch' Search, free sex videos. This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us.

Stupid for making Stitch look funny when door hit his face and making him have ice cream on his body. Angel is sorry for doing it" she turned away from Stitch again. Stitch felt both flattered and as stupid as Angel said she was at once. He had never been so complimented by her before, but now when he was, it felt warmer than before. He smiled at her, and jumped up in her bed, lying behind her. His paw was running across her side as he stroked it, and she seemed to shiver in pleasure.

Stitch will never stop liking Angel, because Angel gives Stitch a smile each day and minute. And that is all Stitch needs to be happy. Stitch wants to be happy, and he wants Angel to be happy as well. So please Angel, don't feel bad about yourself.

Even Stitch makes mistakes sometimes. Angel turned to Stitch, smiling as she always did. She always wants to be happy too, and Stitch always makes Angel happy. Stitch makes Angel have tummy aches from laughing so much sometimes. But that is ok. Because Stitch makes Angel happy. Both Stitch and Angel smiled at each other, and both knew what was coming next as they inched closer and closer to each other, their eyes never losing contact with each other with the exception of a small blink now and then.

Angel soon felt Stitch's paw on her waist, and she held her paws around is head, stroking it as their lips came closer to each other. Then, at the moment they touched, they received their first, passionate kiss of compassion and love, their saliva mixing as their tongues darted into each other's mouths, licking and caressing each other.

Stitch moaned loudly during the kiss. He had no idea that this felt so good, and yet, here he was, kissing Angel. He could not believe the passion he was in, and just kissed Angel more and more passionate. Angel was in total disbelief and ecstasy as they kissed, her hands roaming all over Stitch as they kissed each other. This was a sensation beyond belief almost, and they made everything to make sure this would be a moment they wouldn't forget soon. Going on like this, the kissing got more intense and wilder.

Stitch had his tongue going at full speed, licking and kissing Angel's shoulders, neck, and chest area, his tongue licking over her stiff nipples. Angel was moaning like crazy, and held Stitch near her quivering breast, begging him to give her more. Grinning, Stitch took her whole left tit in his mouth, sucking and nibbling at the nipple, which made Angel almost shout in pleasure. Stitch then switched to the right, licking and sucking it as well, then switched back and forth until Angel's bosom was completely soaked in his slobbered saliva.

Grinning once again, Stitch licked over Angel's ass cheeks, which made her squeal in pleasure. As this only spurred him further, Stitch soon began to lick all over her ass and back, with her moaning louder each minute passing. Flipping her over again, he mounted her easily. His cock was now unsheathed and erect, being about seven inches in length.

Can Stitch put it in? Angel wants Stitch inside her! Angel wants Stitch to becloser than ever to herdo it! Angel squealed and shouted in pleasure, grabbing Stitch's shoulders and wrapping her legs around his back.

Faster, Stitch! Grinning, Stitch began going harder into her and faster as well, pumping is dick in and out of her gloriously tight pussy.

Mar 09,   Enjoy reading Angel x Stitch comic porn for free without any registration or any disturbing ads. Angel x Stitch comic porn is posted in HD quality and belongs to category: Parodies and have tags like: Artist: Aogami, Furry Porn Comics and Furries Comics, Parody: Lilo & Stitch.

Angel was screaming in ecstasy, and made her hips move in rhythm as Stitch pounded into her. Stitch suddenly stopped. With a few moves, he positioned Angel into a Doggy Style position, and with a fierce grip around her ass, he pounded into her lovehole again, and picked up the furious pace he once had.

Angel was grabbing the bed sheets as she screamed out her lusts into the night, and Stitch was grunting and moaning as the tightness surrounded his member, making him forced to thrust harder into her.

Angel suddenly screamed louder than before.

She was about to cum, and so was Stitch as he felt the pressure in his cock grow. With one final thrust, both of them screamed their lover's name. As their explosive orgasms ended, Stitch pulled out of Angel, and laid beside her, both of them panting heavily while smiling at each other. She and Stitch held around each other, and after a quick "I love you" from both parts, they gave each other a deep, tongue-induced kiss before closing their eyes, smiling as they went off to sleep.

They hoped to have as fun as they did now sometime again, that's for sure. But for now, they were just happy to be together. And no galactic power would come between them. Science may have created them, but it was fate that brought them together. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Stitch finds Angel one day crying because she has been having nightmares of Stitch leaving her. Will Stitch prove Angel wrong and show that blood is thicker than water and chemical liquids?

Rated M for Sexual Content. This was no one more or less than Stitch's one, true love, although neither he nor she knew it; Angel. But this time, he saw something that made his chest heave in pain and his eyes to go wide open in fear; Angel - his beloved Angel - was crying.

Something so important, it made the very Earth's survival seem almost inferior to the thing she had on her mind; She was in love with Stitch. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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