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All clear, smell during sex fantastic way! pity

The Smell of Sex

Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Women's Health Community. Disgusting foul smell and extreme wetness during intercourse.

When this happened for the first time, my ex - boyfriend didn't want to tell me that I smell really bad down there, but I have noticed his faces. I don't know how I would explain to him that I am probably struggling with some infection. It is really bad and this is why we all start to seek for the causes.

Molasses to Pennies: All the Smells a Healthy Vagina Can Be

Some infections like a yeast infection can occur after your period, as your vaginal pH is different. Angie over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic.

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BubblemonsterBree over a year ago hello, i am 27 year old using implanon for around 5 years now 2nd implant. Queen LIZ Lv 4. Nasty stuff, not worth the it.

The Smell of Sex - Kelsey Cook - Stand-Up Comedy

Can cause you to burn the lining in your nostrils. Doesn't make you horny, just amplifies what you are already feeling. Yes, some people can get addicted.

Nov 29, Based on your question, I'm guessing you have not had much sex, right? If you had, you would already know the answer. From a man that has had his fair share of sex, I guess it depends on the partner who's ass you are smelling. The young ladies I h. Mar 14, Foul vaginal odor after sex? Health's resident medical editor explains how to tell if an after-sex smell is normal or a vaginal infection, such as bacterial vaginosis (BV) or trichomoniasis. A metallic odor during period sex is common, simply because of the presence of period blood. Finally, your vaginal odor might change because of where you're at in your menstrual cycle. "During Author: Erika W. Smith.

No, your not giving away too much info on your private life. We all see some crazy stuff, even in the straightest of places.

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when i have sex with my husband there is a foul smell. I always thought that there should not be an ordor during sex. but, when i have sex with someone else there is no ordor. My husband is 20 yerars older than me. He drinks alcohol and i don't could it be the chemistry make-up. Or do we need to see the doctor. Jun 07, your partner could be having sex with someone else cause i have a boyfriend and i didn't have a smell until he had sex with someone else i ask him when i started to have this fishy odor when we have sex this smell was during sex not after sex i new any way he had sex with someone else cause i only sleep with one man and when he having sex with. May 29, Wearing tight clothing and underwear can also result in an unpleasant smell. Sexual intercourse: During sex, men release alkaline fluids, while women release acidic fluids. The interaction of.

Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Women's Health Community.

Disgusting foul smell and extreme wetness during intercourse. I have been having and extremely disgusting odor and wetness during intercourse forthe past two months.

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I have been tested and do not have an STD and have been with the same and only partner for 7 months. I have not changed my diet. No pain, or lumps, bumps, rashes, nothing else out of the ordinary.

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I have not made it to see my doctor due to scheduling problems I am extremely busy. I was weondering if anyone had an suggestions? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Nov 13, What is that little bottle people sniff during sex, that makes you more aroused.? sometimes you see it on telly, or in some dodgy bars, people pass a small bottle around and people sniff it, it is supposed to make you horny, what is it, and whats it called, is it addictive drugs, am i giving too much of my private life away or what. Mar 13, "It smells like sex in here," said every woman ever after a particularly dirty romp in bed. Experts Explain Exactly What Causes That Distinctive After-Sex Smell the two don't combine to.

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Follow - 7. A very prominent sign of gardinerella excuse the spelling if it is wrong is a foul smell after the period is over. It's not a big deal to treat, just antibiotics, but it's something to act on rather soon once the person notices it.

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You might have a bacteria like that. Get to the doc as soon as you can work it in. You could possibly have BV, which is an infection like the above poster said.

I had the same thing a few months ago, with the foul odor and a lot of discharge that I noticed especially after sex. The only way to clear BV up is with antibotics, so you must go to a doctor to get tested.

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Usually a foul smell has something to do with a bacterial infection. Also, if you started taking supplements such as Fish Oil, or other herbal supplements, sometimes you will end up with this very foul smelling odor.

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However, a very common reason for this type of odor is a bladder or kidney infection. When you urinate, do you experience that odor then also?

Get to your doctor, bring a "clean caught" early morning specimen of your urine the minute you wake up and keep the sample in the refrigerator and then take it to the doctor.

I had something similar, twice, and each time it was a kidney infection.

Smell during sex

Hope this helps. I've been dealing with a problem I don't know if anyone else is going threw this. I take 2 showers a day and still I have this odor on me.

I've been to the doctor she tried different things and nothing seems to work.


I don't understand and why this have to happen to me. I need help this is ruin my life.

something is. Thanks

I havent had sex in about 2 years and I have this fishy spoild smell as soon as my cycle is over

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