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Naked Swimming In School Pt. 1

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. My older neighbor tells me that he was required to swim naked at YMCAs before they let women joinl. But that was somewhere else, or before my time. One day on my way to gym class at college I went by some students who had just completed their gym class, who were making comments about being "bare ass" so I wondered what they meant. Sure enough, when we got to the locker room to change, a sign on the door to the pool told us to report to the pool, and to just bring a towel, as we had no bathing suits. I saw some of my classmates going down the stairs naked, so I followed them with my towel in hand.

By the midth century, however, new chlorination science was developed and pool-filtration systems improved. Bathing suits were also being made of different fabrics, like nylon. Pool germs and fabric fibers were no longer a big issue. So the APHA dropped the nude swimming recommendation in CPS officials declined to comment, but one of my old Lane Tech teachers, John Lewis, says coaches like him believed the rule was about encouraging boys to get cleaner.

Another consideration was money. CPS would have had to fork over even more money to buy suits for all its male freshmen. But even if these arguments make some sense, there is still the question of why none of them applied to girls. Coach Lewis offers a common argument from the time: that girls are just more modest than boys. On top of that, Lane Tech graduate Robin Washington says at his school, there was a routine body inspection by upperclassmen.

Almost all of the men I talked to say young people have a hard time believing this ever happened. At Kennedy High School on the South Side, Connors says boys protested by breaking glass bottles and throwing them in the pool. They were committing misdemeanors just to avoid having to take all their clothes off in front of everybody.

Still, the policy was met with range of reactions because not everyone felt the same way about modesty and personal privacy. My own great uncle, Michael Magan, who graduated from Lane Tech insays swimming nude was not a problem for him. He says that while most people who spoke to him had problems with swimming naked, many men said they were OK with it.

In some towns like Duluth, Minnesota, entire school districts dropped the rule altogether. I basically made up for that by getting my GED while in the U. Are you one of those conspiracy driven naysayers who want to say that nude swimming never took place in America, we never put a man on the moon, the concentration camps of in Nazi occupied Germany and Austria were a hoax, and the KKK was never anything more than the humanitarian charities organization that I am hearing people in the media, who have less credibility than Tricky Dick had during his impeachment hearing, claim it is?

I could waist precious time and energy trying to convince you otherwise, but that would be time I will never get back, and let's face it. You are doing such a grea You are doing such a great job at flushing any credibility you might have left down the crappier that you definitely don't need my help. For the rest of you readers who do 'not! It did occur. I attended a mixed boarding school for children with behavioral difficulties. Throughout the week, the head of Senior Boys Care would be on duty 24 hours a day and he had the most amazing hearing.

But Thursday night was his night off and another member of the care staff would take his place and he was as deaf as a post! We would literally just swim and chat, nothing else, We would literally just swim and chat, nothing else, for a half hour or so.

The night we got caught, the teachers thought it was amusing but we were still punished for it and they erected security lights to prevent us doing it again. That is because these locations were generally single sex so there was no reason to cover up. When things became coed, men starting wearing suits. It would be like asking do men shower in the nude.

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Of course when only men are around. Sign In. Did nude swimming in school ever occur?

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ate Cancel. Originally Answered: Did nude swimming in school ever occur? Continue Reading. Is it allowed to send your kid to school naked if he or she insists? Was there ever nude swimming in school in the US?

at my private school we would have nude swimming class were both girls and boys had to swim and shower naked together anyone else have this It's a shame you all have you mind in the gutter and see it as wrong and sexual when it was never like that. Mar 05,   But apparently back in the 40ss in certain parts of the country, all public school swim meets (competition with other schools) the guys were nude but the girls were not. I have seen news paperclips and even high school year book pages showing that. Dec 23,   I grew up in the 60s and 70s. Here in Florida, kids didn't swim naked in school or public pools during those years. My older neighbor tells me that he was required to swim naked at YMCAs before they let women joinl. And I've read that kids often s.

Did men used to swim naked in public? I think she felt bad for me and could see I was embarrassed and confused about the whole situation. She sat next to me and asked, Hasn't your Mother or father talked to you about the normal changes you're going though and you might see other boys your age swimming nude this is something you should stop doing and wear a bathing suit from now on.

Please understand she said, what's happening to you is totally natural and you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about it. Which made me even more confused if there's nothing wrong with me then why hide it?

By this time I couldn't stand the Speedo any longer it was starting to hurt and removed them. This time she turned around and said you can't do that and put your underwear on. Which I did. Looking back knowing what I know now. I was so blind and innocent and that woman was a great person in the way she handled the situation. Once I was covered she went on to tell have a conversation I guess my Mother should have a year earlier.

She said again there's nothing wrong with you but when I looked at you trying to squeeze in the bathing suit, I wasn't looking at a young boy but a developed young man and with that comes a responsibility to cover up that area and only in the locker room around other boys is it appropriate to get nude, never around girls or older women.

Do you understand? I said yes. This is why I have mixed feelings about the whole swimming nude issue. There's a massive part of me that thinks. It was good everyone seen everyone else and it wasn't a big deal and I didn't witness no body shaming.

Not saying it didn't happen only that i didn't see it or think about it. Then there's the me who wonders just because I was unaware of abuse that doesn't mean it didn't happen and I would never let grown men and women be around my children from the age of 6 to 17 years old naked and telling them erection in public is ok and knowing these people sometimes help in getting dressed and even taking a shower with them.

Nude swimmers bear all to attempt world skinny dipping record

I definitely wouldn't be ok with that no matter how innocent it is. Once the 80s came around the nude swimming stopped and I heard about it less and less but what I did notice and maybe it would have happened even if nude swimming was permitted but in high school body shaming, Some boys making fun of other boys and teasing them, to the point girls in the school would sometimes join in and make fun of some of the less developed boys, calling them names such as peewee or wee willy winkle some mean stuff and the boys it happened to had a horrible high school experience.

In case you are wondering it was the same for the girls. The ones with fully developed breasts were accused of stuffing their bra and the one who didn't have breasts were members of the ity bity tity committee.

Again they too had a horrible high school experience. Very sad people feel the need to hurt others to get a laugh. So that's my experience with nude swimming at the boys club in the 70s [ Post a Reply to This Message ]. Author: Sebastian [ Edit View ]. Unclear as to whether your mom and sisters joined you. Author: Kevin to Sebastian [ Edit View ]. While mom did not go around nude, she breastfed my two younger sisters openly not just in front of me, but any guests at home as well.

My sisters were 4 and 8 years younger than me and typically swam with just panties on at home. They did not start wearing bikinis at home until their breasts developed. I did not go around the house nude per se, but shared a jack n jill bathroom with my sisters until I left home for college, and periodic casual nudity among us was not uncommon.

Author: Stan [ Edit View ]. I have two sisters as well, one was 2 years younger and the other 3 years younger. I was also in the competition swim team at school. Mom let me swim nude. I had mentioned the speedos and how uncomfortable they were. I was I guess she read my mind.

I would be swimming and then we would have company. I just kept swimming. Mom would call me in after about an hour of practicing and come in for a sandwich. I would sometimes stay nude if we didn't have company. If we had company, sometimes Mom's friends would say I didn't have to get dressed if I didn't want to. I might have stayed nude a little longer as I felt like maybe that's what they meant. Author: infant58 Exciting [ Edit View ].

Oct 21,   Summer camps are a more likely place for that as there was a loty more swimming than at schools. In most of the schools I've been at swimming at all was impossible. I'm At the coed camp I went to, each group had their own dock and single sex s. Jul 23,   A couple of years ago, when Trine was editing the blog, she covered a story about nude swimming at the YMCA (in America). Some readers commented that boys did swim nude, and girls in costumes, but on different days. As I wasn't editing at that point, it was a story that largely passed me. It was exciting to swim nude and to go to school knowing girls at school and even teachers had seen me swim naked. My years swimming nude on the swim team were some of my best high school memories and some of the best memories for the girls as well. Re: Female spectators at nude swim meets Author: Red Wings Fab [ Edit | View] Date Posted.

Author: Allan [ Edit View ]. My mom, two sisters and I spent most of the summer there and our cousins, a girl and boy often came on weekends. Occasionally one of us had a friend there as well.

We also had an above-ground swimming pool with a small deck to get in and out of the pool. So, we boys spent many days running around naked.

It was never a big deal for any of us. When I was about 14 my mom said I was too old to go naked and I should wear a bathing suit. I wore one for a couple of days but really hated the feeling of the wet material on me, so I took it off. My mom made me put it back on. Well, this went back and forth a couple times until my mom gave up and let me go naked. Author: swimmer [ Edit View ].

Honestly It was just something to do as I was not enthralled with cheap beer and pot like all my peers. I already grew up a free range kid so the new found freedom was not that new to me. I actually just rented a locker there and would always just strip shower and put on a worn out blue speedo and swim. There was a female lifeguard middle aged most days and a few senior ladies and me.

After few weeks a class started with special needs. I talked with them and asked if I would volunteer getting them ready and dressed. I was not interested but said yes as I needed some positive activity. The funny part is I was showering not knowing what they meant exactly and she brought in a few boys into shower. I asked her stay and help and she lit up with a big smile. She would get them dressed one by one while we showered.

I would spin out my suit and let it dry in locker while we finished up. We did this times a week all year. Author: to Swimmer [ Edit View ]. You can make a new title like 'Girls in boys shower room' or similar.

How old were the boys? I had a similar experience which I may recount. Author: Amy [ Edit View ]. Author: Jenna [ Edit View ]. I told him it might need to happen again. Author: d morgan joy [ Edit View ]. Gruppy formirovalis' v sootvetstvii s vozrastom.

Plavki mal'chikam nadevat' ne razreshalos', vse poseshchali zanyatiya golyshom.

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Podrostkam starshe 12 - 13 let obespechivalas' bol'shaya konfidentsial'nost' - nablyudateley ne puskali na tribuny basseyna.

YA ne dumayu, chto eto bylo formal'noye zapreshcheniye, skoreye prosto ustanovivshiyesya obychay sredi mam, sestor i prochikh ozhidayushchikh ne zakhodit' v zonu basseyna, kogda tam prokhodyat uroki ili trenirovki "starshikh" mal'chikov. No ya znayu, chto i v 13 let v vos'mom klasse, kogda mamy i sostry mogli svobodno nablyudat' za nami, ya chuvstvoval sebya chereschur vystavlennym napokaz.

Bylo ochen' neudobno, kogda na sleduyushchiy den' posle plavaniya ya v shkole sidel za partoy ryadom s devochkoy, kotoraya vchera videla menya golym. Ved' i v starshikh klassakh devochki budut vso eto vspominat'! YA pomnyu vstrechu s odnoy devochkoy v 11 klasse, kogda mne bylo 16 let.

Pri pervoy zhe vstreche ona sprosila: "Pomnish' li ty, kak ya nablyudala za toboy golym na plavanii paru let nazad? Eta devochka byla sestroy mal'chika iz nashey gruppy. Ona vtyurilas' v menya i poluchala udovol'stviye ot poseshcheniya nashikh zanyatiy po plavaniyu so svoyey mamoy. V techeniye tekh let, chto ona nablyudala za mnoy, ya vyros iz rebonka v yunoshu, i pozzhe ona mne rasskazala, kak den' za dnom ona sledila za poyavleniyem u menya lobkovykh volos i uvelicheniyem penisa.

Ona skazala, chto eti nablyudeniya zakonchilis', kogda nam oboim bylo po 14 let, i ona ochen' zhaleyet, chto ne mozhet etogo delat' seychas. U menya dve sestry i odin brat. Odna sestra mladshe menya na god, a drugaya - starshe na chetyre goda. YA pomnyu, chto chuvstvoval sebya boleye neudobno, kogda byl golym, s mladshey sestroy.

Ona byla odnoy iz tekh, kto privodil na nashi zanyatiya svoikh podruzhek. Inogda moya mama ne razreshila yey etogo delat', ili pozvolyala vzyat' s soboy lish' odnu devochku.

Did you have nude mixed gender swim class at school?

Ona obychno govorila chto-to vrode: "Pol chuvstvuyet sebya ne sovsem komfortno i bez tvoikh chetyrokh podruzhek! Priglasi odnu Syuzannu! Gorazdo men'she menya trevozhila obnazhonnost' v prisutstvii starshey sestry. Ne to, chtoby mne nravilos', kogda ona smotrit na menya, gologo, no v silu kakikh-to prichin, vyzvannykh raznitsey v vozraste, ya stydilsya yeyo gorazdo men'she.

Videvshiye menya golym odnoklassnitsy v otkrytuyu ne draznilis'. Obychno devochki khikhikali ob etom mezhdu soboy. Devochka, kotoraya napryamuyu govorila mal'chikam slishkom mnogo, schitalas' prostushkoy i luzershey. No kogda devochka ulybalas' pri vide menya, otvechayushchego urok pered klassom, ya ne somnevalsya, chto ona zritel'no vspominayet, kak vchera videla menya gologo na plavanii.

YA pomnyu, chto vpervyye poprosil mamu i sestor ne poseshchat' moi zanyatiya plavaniyem, kogda mne bylo 12 let. Nachalos' polovoye sozrevaniye, i vmeste s nim ya stal chuvstvovat' sebya nekomfortno golym pered zhenshchinami i devochkami, eto zhe chuvstvovali i moi tovarishchi. Vplot' do semnadtsati let u nas byli instruktory i spasateli zhenskogo pola.

Ne dumayu, chto komu-libo iz mal'chikov nravilos' trebovaniye razdevat'sya dogola dazhe v mladshem vozraste. No eto byl ustanovivshiyesya poryadok veshchey. Ty prosto otkazyvalsya ot stydlivosti, yesli khotel zanimat'sya plavaniyem v YMCA. YA chuvstvoval sebya ochen' neudobno, vstrechayas' s odnoklassnitsey, videvshey menya vchera golym. V tot period moy papa sostoyal v sovete direktorov nashego otdeleniya YMCA. K moyey zhalobe o tom, chto golym ya chuvstvuyu sebya neudobno pered mamoy, sostrami i drugimi zhenshchinami i devochkami, on otnessya bezo vsyakogo sochuvstviya.

Kogda on byl mal'chikom, to takzhe zanimalsya plavaniyem golyshom v prisutstvii zhenshchin i devochek, i yego otvet byl korotkim: "eto mne ne povredilo".

Kak budto ya deystvitel'no dolzhen zabyt', chto v vozraste 11 - 13 let chelovek 20 - 25 zhenshchin i devochek na kazhdom zanyatii videli moy penis! A ved' neskol'ko raz pryamo pered nimi u menya, kak i u drugikh patsanov nastupala erektsiya, i daleko ne vsegda vo vremya zanyatiy byla vozmozhnost' spryatat'sya, prygnuv v vodu!

No samym strannym vo vsom etom byla puritanskaya atmosfera, tsaryashchaya v nashem dome. Vse vsegda khodili polnost'yu odetymi, yesli zhe menya zastavali spuskayushchimsya po lestnitse v odnikh trusakh, to davali nagonyay za neprilichnyy vid. A ved' lish' chas nazad ya mog stoyat' golym pered mamoy i sostrami v YMCA. No byt' golym doma zapreshchalos'. YA nikogda ne mog ponyat', v chom raznitsa? Otets lish' govoril, chto stydlivost' gorazdo vazhneye doma.

Vy chto-nibud' ponimayete? Nastal den', kogda i drugiye odnoklassniki stali obsuzhdat' etu temu, i my prishli k vyvodu, chto khrenovo, kogda vo vremya zanyatiy plavaniyem v nashem vozraste materi i sostry vidyat nas golymi.

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Yedinstvennym utesheniyem dlya nas yavilos' to, chto v sentyabre my nachnom uchit'sya v devyatom klasse, a vo vremya zanyatiy starshikh klassov vizitory na tribuny basseyna ne dopuskayutsya, i my bol'she ne budem stoyat' golyshom pered nashimi sem'yami. Groups were formed according to age. Boys were not allowed to wear swimming trunks; everyone attended classes naked.

Adolescents over 12 - 13 years of age were provided with greater confidentiality - observers were not allowed into the stands of the pool.

But I know that at the age of 13 in the eighth grade, when mothers and sisters could freely watch us, I felt too flaunted. It was very inconvenient when the next day after swimming, I was sitting at a school desk next to a girl who saw me naked yesterday.

After all, in high school girls will remember all this! I remember meeting a girl in 11th grade when I was 16 years old. This girl was the sister of a boy from our group.

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She fell in love with me and enjoyed visiting our swimming classes with her mom. During the years that she watched me, I grew from a child to a young man, and later she told me how, day after day, she monitored my pubic hair and penis enlargement.

She said that these observations ended when we were both 14 years old, and she was very sorry that she could not do it now. I have two sisters and one brother.

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One sister is one year younger than me, and the other four years younger. I remember that I felt more uncomfortable when I was naked, with my younger sister. She was one of those who brought her girlfriends to our classes. Sometimes my mother did not allow her to do this, or allowed her to take only one girl with her. She usually said something like: "Paul is not quite comfortable without your four girlfriends!

Invite one to Suzanne!

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Much less disturbing was my nakedness in the presence of my older sister. Not that I liked it when she looked at me naked, but for some reason caused by the age difference, I was much less ashamed of her. Classmates who saw me naked naked did not tease.

Usually the girls giggled about this among themselves. A girl who spoke too much directly to the boys was considered a simpleton and a loser.

But when the girl smiled at the sight of me, answering a lesson in front of the class, I had no doubt that she visually remembered how yesterday she saw me naked on the swim. I remember that for the first time I asked my mother and sisters not to attend my swimming classes when I was 12 years old.

Puberty began, and with it I began to feel uncomfortably naked in front of women and girls, my comrades felt the same. Until the age of seventeen, we had female instructors and rescuers. I do not think that any of the boys liked the requirement to strip naked even at a young age. But it was an established order of things. You simply refused shyness if you wanted to go swimming in the YMCA. I felt very uncomfortable meeting a classmate who saw me naked yesterday. At that time, my dad was on the board of directors of our YMCA.

He reacted to my complaint that I feel uncomfortable naked with my mother, sisters and other women and girls, without any sympathy. When he was a boy, he was also swimming naked in the presence of women and girls, and his answer was short: "it did not hurt me. But several times right in front of them, like other boys, I had an erection, and it was far from always that during classes I had the opportunity to hide by jumping into the water!

But the strangest thing in all of this was the Puritan atmosphere in our home. Everyone always walked fully dressed, but if I was forced to go downstairs in their shorts, then they gave me a scolding for an indecent appearance. But being naked at home was forbidden.

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I could never understand what is the difference? Father only said that bashfulness is much more important than home. Do you understand anything? The only consolation for us was that in September we will begin to study in the ninth grade, and during high school classes, visitors to the pool stands are not allowed, and we will no longer stand naked in front of our families. And during a conversation with a naked girl who was watching me, I felt raped.

All I could do was hold back the tears of shame from what she saw in detail all the secrets of my puberty. And also - to resent that the YMCA has established orders that completely ignore boyish bashfulness.

These people did not take into account that looking at naked peers, girls will experience sexual arousal. I myself would like to see naked girls, but this was strictly forbidden. My sisters also went swimming in the same pool, but on other days.

However, all the girls were in modest closed swimsuits, and not a single boy could even dream of looking into their locker room. It all seemed completely dishonest to me. My brother, the youngest in the family, withstood swimming classes until only eleven years old. He was much more rebellious, and made a scandal at the first appearance of signs of puberty in him. Father even spanked him several times. But his brother did not care. In the end, the disappointed father gave up. Thus, in grades 7 and 8, my brother did not experience the humiliation that fell to my lot.

Author: jean the frenchie [ Edit View ]. The idea that until you reached 13 age, you were instructed to swim in the nude in front of a female audience is rather funny even if I can understand that you were embarrassed when at high school a girl of your age talked to you and said that she had seen you in the nude while you were at the YMCA for a swimming lesson and her sitting on bleachers to watch you all along the lesson!

It is funny when a girl said that she had liked to look at you at the YMCA stands during several years to see the differences when you began to enter into puberty age and that she would have liked to be allowed to come after when you reached 14 age But I like also the fact that the girls were mostly giggling about the view of the boys among themselves each other rather than in front of boys because a girl who would have talked too directly to boys would have been considered as a "loser" or a simpleton!

And I like the fact that your father who was a member of the board of directors at your YMCA was not pleased with your complaint about being naked in front of an audience of women and girls, he thought apparently that this rule was good and that you had no reason to complain because boys did not need privacy like girls he was certainly a tough man who liked the army rules and was convinced that the boys might not be shy towards public nudity. But you have related that after 14 age your instructors and "rescuers" what does it mean?

I am not sure to have well understood because such a situation was not common in other relations, except for a short time if a male instructor was not available. If it was true, how do you deal with that situation? Did the high school girls know that you had female swimming instructors even after 14 age and did they tease at you about it? As regards your mother, her behaviour was rather funny since you said that first she asked to your sister to come only with one friend, not several, but after you said that it was because she did not want that there was a crowd on the strands of the pool as audience, so it was not to protect your privacy because she thought like your father that it was perfectly normal that you were naked to swim and that the presence of girls to look at you was not an issue It was more strange when you said that nudity at home in your family was not admitted since you lived in a puritan atmosphere but your mother who forbade you to walk in the room at home without clothes found normal to see you stark naked at the YMCA during your swimming lessons and she let also your sisters look at you in the nude when they were both watching at your lesson in the strands of the pool!

Author: Ryan [ Edit View ]. I knew where it was so just showed up on bike few miles away for orientation. When we got there it was like 6 boys and 3 girls attending. I was expecting something more formal but was just two females running the class. One oriented the girls and other oriented the boys. They said upfront the boys can practice nude but will need to get use to wearing a team suit next year.

The required a shower with some and to always pee even if not needed. They said first day was just time trials for a baseline. They said to get ready and come back showered in 10 minutes. To our surprise one of the lifeguard instructors went into the boys room and showered with us in a one piece suit. They would even have us gather around nude during two hour class. Erections happened everyday and seemed normal.

Was it a college after graduation of high school? But was it a meet or just a practice for good swimmers? You were instructed that a shower was required and to pee also even if not needed before going in the pool to swim, it does not seem irrelevant to have these requirements for boys and girls too I presume? You were supervised by a woman instructor during your shower and she took a shower with you but wearing a one piece suit.

I recognize that at 13 age you would have preferred certainly to be superrvised under shower by a male instructor but it was not so much a big deal if she was gentle with you? After that, it seems that you were gathered to follow her instructions all in the nude and to swim naked for two hours lesson but first you did not say if the girls were present around you when you were gathered naked by the female instuctor and if they swam in a one piece suit as it was casual at that time all along the two hours while you were naked?

And second, I don't understand the interest for the female instructor to tell you that next year you would have to be used to wear a swimsuit?

What was the interest to tell you that one year before? And What did it mean, that you were too old next year to be naked or that the rule of swimmming in the nude would change next year? You went to this swimming pol every day of a week? Were you always mixed genders with girls and boys? Did you see older boys wearing a swimming suit coming after you in the swimming pool or coming out when you arrived?

Did you were always only 9 students? No lesson about rules of hygiena from the instructors? You end your relation by the comment that it was helpful in life? Why because you were more used to be naked in front of the opposite gender? And did you have more lessons at this college the following years when you were older?

I am not going through all those questions but can try to provide more detail from the past. The class had genuinely good people and I wish I knew more like them today. I was invited to join class as I was interested, nearby, and had some natural ability. I could have past for 15 as I was bigger kid as well. There was no such thing as div 1 year round crazies like today. The class was group of 9 kids, both girls and boys.

We did have an orientation and physical by a nse, requiring parent signature. All of this was done on first week I believe and just a formality. I do recall routine physicals but not much in this case, or might not have cared much.

The orientation did include hygeine for a full shower and urinating before each swim. The showers and urinals were in a divided open room. One instructor did enter the boys room. She was maybe 20 to 25 and very athletic dirty blonde female about 5" I swam nude at boys club so it was not a change for me. Hygeine was explained that it is best to pee and then shower. She also said not to worry about erections if they happen.

Sep 10,   The Duluth School District declared its budget would include "an amount that secures a sufficient number of tank suits for the boy's swim program and that the practice of requiring boys. At high school meets, you said that you wore a few times swim suits (it was a decision of your coach who knew that the boys of the other swim team did not swim in the nude because it was not the rule and habit in their high school on the reverse of yours) but mostly you swam in the nude, while the girls of the school swim team wore always swim. Boys were required to swim nude in many American high schools for about 65 years-from the building of the first indoor school pool in to the late s. This remained standard practice in public schools and Catholic schools. Just about any school large enough to have a pool required nude swimming.

I got them most days. Class was 4 days a week but everyday was not mandatory. I generally made them all as there was little else to do back then. Class had weekly timings and some class discussions.

There were two girls wearing one piece suits like the instructors. It was odd by today's standard but normal then. They were still nude but some boys on other teams did wear Speedos. Author: Alfred [ Edit View ].

Swim nude school

I wish you would share more. After all, you were still only a pre-teenager boy aged of 13, not a male teenager, and it was not so much a big deal if a female instructor came in the bathroom to supervise the showers of the boys and to learn them some good rules about hygiena which was certainly useful it is rather a pitty that it is no more the case today with boys in my opinion it would be the task of a male Pe teacher assisted by a school nurse at all schools and check that you might pee before going to the swimming pool, which was also a good rule She was enough clever to explain to you that an erection was rather normal for a boy and that you might not worry about it.

Of course at 13 age it could be an issue if you were not explained that it was normal. The only point on which I disagree was that you swam in the nude while the two girls in your group or thrre in a former mesage? You do not say if you follow the sessions in the following years or if it was only that year?. Did you see older boys in other seesions swim in the nude also?

Did some parents come with some of the boys or girls and watch all of you swim during the sessions? You said that at meets, you swam also naked but that the boys of a few teams were wearing a swim suit, I presume that in that case all boys were required to wear a swim suit including you?

Did you have a mixed audience at that meets? It was a long time ago and boys swam nude at beaches and lakes often. The girls might have at first but got over it. The time was blocked for our class. It was quiet there most of the time. The classes had a couple elderly women that would wait to swim after us.

They were pleasant and liked us. One of the boys mom's would also wait sometimes. I did that program for two years. I would just bike there in cut off jeans, t-shirt and Keds.

I even got there early sometimes when college kids were there. They never talked to me much or had any interest. I guess that is normal.

Boys swam nude at practice always. They did seem sincere. At that age we were more nurtured still too. They even have me some T-shirts in the list and found pile as I was a poor kid.

Nothing overtly sexual happened ever. One time they told us to do a testicle exam when in shower. I also would get erections lasting awhile. It was encouraged and said we could more often if we wanted. During the end of classes the mom I mentioned would talk to us breifly. A few times the class of 11 or 12 would only have 4 or so. On those days we would take more. The instructor would sometimes wear a beach bikini too. She had pointy nipples and a trimmed bush and not self conscious.

Both of the instructors would drive us. Basically then all boys could compete in different events. They would track team best times. Events were at a few places and less than hour away. Our team would swim nude always. I would always get excited before a race and stay hard for a long time.

I do not recall much about the girls competing and there were never more than 20 people watching in the stands. During this time the instructors would talk to us one at a time. They wanted us to be more aggressive. My hard on would brush against instructor.

Only one of the girls would show much interest in boys. She would find excuses to chat after races. I was completely ok with nudity other boys were shy. Author: Jake to Ryan [ Edit View ]. I presume that at 13 when you started on the team you and the other boys were already in puberty or just starting. Up to what age did you practice and swim nude in front of the female instructors and during meets in front of spectators?

I was never on the swim team but I had friends who were and often attended the meets. The boys in the junior teams up to age 12 or 13 always competed in the nude, but from age 13 they started to wear swim briefs in front of spectators although they continued to practice in the nude. Like you say many of the junior teams had female coaches and instructors and some of my friends on the teams told me that the coaches would sometimes swat boys in the locker room after the meets for bad results or not concentrating enough or even for displaying erections in front of spectators.

The part where you say that the boys were made to urinate in the locker room before entering the pool is probably true because it was the same when we had swim classes. Did the female instructors watch you to make sure that you peed before entering the pool and did they ever swat or spank you when you misbehaved during swim classes or at meets?

I do recognize well that middle school was the last stand for dominating women back then to abuse boys but I was never subjected to that at swim. I am not proud to admit now but a few that tried got fear put in them. My friends were rather rough crowd being a foster kid. The instructors were genuine and caring. We actually got hugged. We could have worn suit but preferred not not wear it. I swam there for 3 seasons and never wore suits. We did not get a bad reaction from erections.

Infact they were encourage. She said they looked nice and healthy to show. They were good luck before a swim meet and the instructors said being naked and hard would intimidate the other boys with smaller penises. We did pee all the time in front of her. She did not intentionally watch though. They would bring towels and encourage us. Maybe they were relieved they got excused but they were enthusiastic and encouraged us. If we won they would introduce us to their moms.

We only went to 5 different locations with a few a long drive away. The only time the second instructor would go into the change room were at meets or if they had something to discuss.

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