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Soyeon Facts: - Was a participant on Produce She placed 20th in the last episode. She placed 3rd. She was praised for her singing while recording for a mission in PD Miyeon Facts: - Miyeon is an only child. Show more Miyeon fun facts. Minnie Facts: - Minnie has older twin brothers, named Mic and Mac.

At her new school, she improved her dance skills through doing performances, events and practical examinations, she even joined a dance team.

As time passed, just before her third year of high school, she received an offer from Cube Entertainment for an audition. At first, she felt more afraid than happy, but after taking time to consider the offer and thinking of it as a challenge, she decided to go to the audition. After a few auditions, she was accepted and began her trainee life with Cube Entertainment in At some unknown time, Soojin was a trainee under DN Entertainment. Three years later, she was then revealed on Twitter as an upcoming member of G I-DLE on April 10, and debuted as an official member on May 2,following the release of the group's first mini album, I Am.

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Cancel Save. United Cube ONE They do sing tho lol. So, they ARE vocalists, maybe not the best but they do sing. Every idol sings, some do it more than others, some focus on other positions but they all sing.

Some do it amazingly, some only know the basics, but they all sing. Can you please change Miyeon facts regarsing dating thing cause its not true, she left YG before dating. Can you please remove that information about Miyeon? As a Neverland its very understandable that the position could be mistaken. I re-read my comment and I mentioned nothing about Soyeon being a better dancer than anyone. In fact, I never said anything about dancing in my comment.

For the Miyeon facts, could you please add that Miyeon is left handed. You can check it in her predebut video here. Sorry for my bad english! Is Minnie main vocal now? Most center sing first in songs.

She usually sings first in the songs. She also sings first in the songs. Most centers also are the center is the photo shoot. Soyeon is the basically the closest to the center since Minnie is in the back. Minnie was introduced as a Main Vocalist too. Yes, i know that. I actually agree. Some Chinese characters might contain a very off sound. I agree. But Yuqi is better than Soyeon too. And why she is it in the center of choreography and why she always has the most solo performances.

Soojin main dancer and Yugi deserve this place. Minnie is a fan of Super Junior. Minnie started learning piano in kindergarden because many of her family members play piano. Minnie makes songs on piano and is taking MIDI classes to become better at composing. Minnie was a good student and a class leader in middle school, but started getting lazy in high school. Minnie loves Japanese food. Minnie likes photography and was in photography club in school. Minnie wanted to study Communication Art in university and work in film production.

Minnie is good at whistling.

[Unpretty Rapstar] ep.02: Jessi's diss rap (?? ?? ?? ??! '??? ??!'@?? ?? ?? ?)

Minnie Is a really big fan of Troye Sivan, and she considers him the artist she would like to colaborate with. When Minnie was still in school, she was in a photography club. And wait, does Minnie a Main Vocalist?!? Soyeon is the representative for them and has been since debut. I can see why Yuqi would be it aswell due to her popularity in China and China having 1. Soyeon has done more outside the group then Yuqi has, when people outside the fandom think of the group they think of Soyeon.

Yuqi has the China fandom and is more popular amongst the fandom, while Soyeon is more famous. If Yuqi is fotg then so is Soyeon, you can have two. Cube still pushes Soyeon as the groups representative and she is more widely known in Korea whereas Yuqi is more widely known in China.

They both have done more solo activities and have been given more spotlight than the other 4 member, that is for sure. Please remove Minnie as Main Vocalist. She is lead. The video circulating from the tv show introducing her at the start is falsely translated using YouTube CC. Yuqi happens to be the most popular member. Soyeons Senorita teaser has 2. That is not the case at all. Soojin should be Lead Vocalist since her voice is uniqueand now I think she is in the part of the vocal line.

How is Soojin a lead rapper? The site just lists information, and not their own opinion. Main vocalist maybe will get more vocal lines more than others but it is depends on their song and album promotion.

Nah, Minnie is the best vocalist in the group along with Miyeon, and also has the most charming tone to her voice. Her cover gravity is absolutely beautiful. Plus her tone give their songs more texture. Miyeon got power, but not much more tbh. Soojin has a cross tattoo on the back of her shoulder and a cherry tattoo!

Not good or bad thing but just my observation xD. Can we give Yuqi a Rapper role yet? I think Yuqi should be a Rapper at the very least if not even maybe a lead. Also Minnie debuted as a composer with blow your mind. They both have the same amount of votes. M is before S. Why does Minnie On the Cube Entertainment Trainee Profile have the same birthday as me but on this profile her birthday is on October 23rd? Just wondering.

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But currently Minnie has and Shuhua votes. For long time Shuhua used to have more than Minnie and now sometimes Minnie has more,sometimes Shuhua. Point here. Yes,positions are both confirmed by them and their company. They confirmed this vocal line: Miyeon and Minnie,dance line: Soojin and Yuqi.

Soyeon has never been confirmed in a dance line,fans gave Soyeon that position. She really deserve it.

Everybody thinks that she is lead dancer since she posted many dance covers,have great centre charisma and choreograph group dance along with Soojin and StarSystem. She was going on ballet class as kid but she definetely own hip hop concept. On the other side we have Soojin that danced her WHOLE LIFE Soyeon was focused to be ninja skjsk just kidding she originally wanted to be vocalist,and after that a rapper and learned jazz dance since she was a kid.

Yuqi learned daizu Chinese traditional dance when she was child. Practiced it whole childhood and later discovered kpop dance.

Soyeon fake nude

So she after that practiced girl crush concept dance. She was also a president of the Street Dance Club of her high school. Seriously Soyeon could be main dancer but not in Idle. Maybe in another group. But here would be too much.

Even though she is multitalented that would be too much. Then she should go solo instead bc her stans want this. I also think that Soojin is main dancer bc she was a professional dancer before being an idol. Meanwhile Soyeon is naturally talented. When you mentioned fancams,then probably you know that Soojin has the most views,likes and comments,even more than many Idle official performances. Every memebr is individual.

They have their own concepts. Soyeon concept is swag,so of course that she will dance with charisma and swag. Soojin is sexy. Yuqi is cute. It depends on a song. Yuqi is doing soft and cute moves,but still strong.

And you need to know that every members is great in their own thing. Soyeon - ballet,hip hop. Soojin - every,but mostly jazz,sexy and girl crush,Yuqi-traditional and cute. Just like Mina from Twice. Shuhua is a vocalist treated like a sub-vocalist she has great voice Check out light my body up she sing there.

Soojin gets a LOT of lines in songs to be just a vocalist. No bias, no opinions, soyeon is easily the best dancer.

Soojin also has never rapped before, and actually has great vocal control like in Help Me. Seriously speaking. Why are Nevelands bickering who is main rapper or main dancer in the group and so on. Every Neverlander should be enjoying them as a whole group. This is not an individual performance. They work as a team and none of them is competing with one another.

Each of our girls shines brightly with their own individual talent. Respect them whole heartily. If Soyeon is your bias, then be proud of her talent.

If Minnie is your bias, be proud of hers and so on. Just fully support them and enjoy. If you all really need an official clarification, maybe someone can write to their management company and ask them.

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This will stop anyone from bickering further. Yeah, I can understand we all have our bias but we should respect each everyone of them as no one has talent from A to Z. My bias is Soojin but I will never ever say she is the best dancer or main dancer.

think, that you

She is what she is and she does best on her years of experience. I know every fandom group bickers like children but we should really respect our girls talent. The last thing we want is to pressurise them. They have more than enough things to do each time they have a new song to promote. Their official fandom colors! Her tone is also memorable and you know instantly when she sings. Sure, okay.

No point arguing with positions anyways. We have the official version and those are fine. So you can keep yours and I will keep mine. Hear Me? Help Me? Relay Song? Put It Straight? I think a lot of people confuse singing verses with rapping A LOT. I just wish people realize this. Lines have everything to do with position, the amount of line being sung is irrelevant but what is being sung determines the position, same goes for rappers and dancers.

I hope they start putting her in variety shows alone to raise her confidence and improve her korean. I also want to see her act lol. Soojin is not good to be LEAD vocalist.

But what would she have at least something, she was given a dance break in Hann. Even Minnie better than her. Disagree, I consider Yuqi and Soojin to be about equally skilled when it comes to vocals. Source: check any stages where they sing live encore especially. When the skill is equal, lines do matter. Screentime, or in this case, song time of course matters. If two people rap in a group, but one of them consistently gets way longer bars and spotlight - what do you think is the reason?

Now please respect mine. Again, IN my opinion. Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. You may also like. I guess my bias is Yuqi. SeokjinYugyeomKihyun:disqus Thanks a lot for the ate, it has been ated! Julianne Soriano. Thanks for commenting! Soojin was born on March 9, Jenni Hong.

Sophea Teng. Kei An Lendio. Miyeon and Jinhyeong was caughr dating?! Please fix it. Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad. Yuqi asked strangers if she could sing in front of them. Soyeon is also a Vocalist since she sings very well.

Miyeon and Soyeon deleted their instagram accounts last year, sadly. Alex Chu. I believe SooJin was born in not ? Hahaha I agree. BtoB kings of kpop. Thank you for the additional info! Thanks for the info! Anouk Van Dijken. Ario Febrianto. Latata is released. I agree, This is the most accurate positions. Arzoo Raesung. Soojin is actually the lead rapper because she rapped in la ta ta after soyeon. YuQi is a Main Vocalist lol. Miyeon said in the showcase that she and Minnie are the main vocalists.

Aju Nice. Can Shuhua be at least a Sub Vocal? And also Soyeon should be Vocalist. Soyeon is a Lead Dancer. I really did fall in love with Soojin the first time I saw her. IDLE fighting! I love miyeon and sooyeon already. Yuqi is unique too. Hope they make it big I love latatata. S coupie. Sub-vocalist and Vocalist are the same thing tho. Its official Miyeon said during the showcase She and Minnie are the main vocals. Actually its very complicated positions.

Does anyone know where I can buy their album? And that ships to The Netherlands. Bao Nguyen.

accept. opinion, actual

JoonSu Bae. You should add GBB new kpop group profile too. I know their profile! They debut on 1 May Nope Shuhua said she is the visual.

Minnie is a lead.

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Alvernayah Kim. Soojin just a lead rapper? Soyeon become an idol because she got inspired by watching Big Bang performances.

opinion you

Diether Espedes Tario II. Sometimes the fans repeat their votes many times. Sakari Jakaria. What did Soojin introduced herself as? Britney Nguyen. Minnie loves Green Tea. - the best free porn videos on internet, free. Home Boram Eunjung fake Fake Nude Hyomin Idol Jiyeon Qri Soyeon T-ARA T-ARA-Boram T-ARA-Eunjung T-ARA-Hyomin T-ARA-Jiyeon T-ARA-Qri T-ARA-Soyeon T-ARA - "So Crazy "So Crazy" Official Concept Photo [NOT FAKE 6P] 0 comments: Post a Comment ęPrev Post Next Post. 74 naked picture Soyeon Nude Fake Archives Kfapfakes, and soyeon nude fake archives kfapfakes, seung ah fake nude image fap, lee yeon hee nude fake archives kfapfakes and hot Soyeon Nude Fake Archives Kfapfakes.

Shuhua hates strawberries but loves chocolates. Yuqi likes pickled radish. Soyeon loves tangerines and corn and hates vegetables. Chaerin Lim. Rina Tmg. Soyeon and Soojin choreographed latata. Kimberly Patricia. Shuhua and Guanlin were the only ones accepted to Cube from Taiwan during the audition in Ray Lee. Ain Marsya. Not true.

Shuhua has such good pronunciation. Jade Jackson. Na,unless she left before they debuted. Korean age is Maria Brigitta Josephine.

Strawberry Republic. Jiwon is an ex JYP trainee. She was in Sixteen. Angel Kim. I like Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua.

has surprised me

Yuqi Miyeon. Tobias Vokoun.

nice answer Things

I think Shuhua Is sub Rapper? Charlene Mesina. I think my current bias is Miyeon. Louell Jay Castroverde Rosal. Miyeon is left-handed. Eongkeul Jim.

Whats the name of the fandom name and the color of the group. Yuqi can play the Guzheng. Yuqi got my attention but miyeon voice is pretty so i like them both. Miyeon said it herself that she is the Main Vocalist. Shuhua is Main Vocalist or Lead cause she was singing the chorus.

Hans Jugurnauth. Chae Lyn. Anyone can sing the Chorus even the rapper can. Soyeon is the face. Umji G. Nah sweetie. Soyeon is the charismatic and the leader so. Jade Ngo. She left yg cause she didnt make it into BP. They have though! I would show you some but I forgot which video I found them in.

But they were the only 5 lmao. Karen Chua. Minnie is Libra. Minnie is one of the prettiest members wtf. Where is this from or is it guess work? Nathaniel Wanner.

Seo Soo Jin. Yuqi can play the guzheng chinese cithara. I believe in an interview Miyeon said she left YG all on her own.

Thank you for the info and for providing the source! Thank you for the comment! Amber Wong. Yuqi is again doing a solo promotion, she the only member now with cecikorea. Lily Perez. Fierce Gentle. Katerinaki Aggelaki. Soojin hee vocal is great but not lead vocal great. Bored Student.

Nude picture Han Hyo Joo Nude Fake Archives Kfapfakes, find more soyeon nude fake archives kfapfakes, han hyo joo nude fake archives kfapfakes, hyorin nude fake archives kfapfakes. Soyeon is also extremely pretty is subjective and based on the preference of the you Soyeon might be the "visual hole" but for me she is the prettiest Hi Soyeon said that she wanted the fans to be called PAN (because peter pan . Minnie (??), also known as Minnie Nicha Yontararak (?????? ???? ?????????), is a Thai singer under Cube Entertainment. She is the main vocalist of the South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE. Minnie has loved to play piano since she was young, which was influenced by her mom. She always watched her mom.

She did!? There can be more than one lead rapper. Yuqi is the face of the group. January 6, Actually, that was her choice. Besides, Soyeon debuted first.

other variant is?

I thought Soyeon said that? She is not. Qaliya Alhashmi. Salty Stevie. How do you know Soojin is a rapper? Najwa Sueha. Gellie Cadimas.

Ayty El Semary. She rapped with soyeon in Latata at the first part. She deserves to be lead vocalist tbh. Philbo Entertainment. Source- their interview with naver on comeback. Maria Popa. Nayeon Trash. Her Chinese name is Yuqi. Her Korean name is Wookie. Soyeon wrote their new song-Hann.

I think that Soyeon and Soojin are the center and that Yuqi is a sub rapper.

something is

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