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Sonja was a pure-blooded Vampire whose story is pivotal in the Underworld series. She is the daughter of Viktor and the lover of Lucian , as well as a member of the Vampire Council. Sonja, the only daughter to the powerful Vampire Elder , Viktor , was born in the year , three years after the birth of the first Lycan. Nothing is known of her mother, Ilona , except that she died in labor. At a very young age, Viktor gifts Sonja with a pendant , which she wears most of her life. An exceptional warrior and a member of the Vampire Council , Sonja is being groomed by her father for an eventual position as an Elder, although she seems very uninterested in the prospect.

The character was written to have darker features, similar to that of Selene. The physical similarity between the two women is meant to be one of the reasons why Viktor spares Selene's life after killing her family, Selene reminding him too much of his daughter for him to bring himself to kill her.

An alternate version of Sonja's history is told in the non-canon novel Blood Enemywritten before the release of Underworld: Evolution. In this novel, Sonja is not a dark-haired Death Dealer, but a blonde-haired princess, as based on her original appearance. Lucian, still a slave, is drawn to Sonja for her compassionate nature, but there is no indication that they had ever spoken before the events of the novel, Lucian even chiding himself for the thought of engaging her in conversation.

In contrast to her role as a ruthless warrior in RiseSonja's key trait in Blood Enemy is her compassion; even after witnessing her mother, Ilona, being decapitated by a group of mortals led by the charismatic Brother AmbroseSonja nevertheless feels sympathy for the humans when reflecting on their constant awareness of their own mortality after she and Lucian are forced to hide in an old tomb in an abandoned monastery, Sonja musing on how mortals try to make death something not to be afraid of when they must constantly face the possibility of it.

She becomes closer to Lucian after he saves her life from an attack by Brother Ambrose, who had rallied the local peasants in a vendetta against the 'demons', with an attack on a vampire fortress killing Sonja's mother as a group of vampires prepare to rest for the day.

In order to protect her from the sun, Lucian wraps Sonja in a tapestry and takes her to a nearby abandoned monastery so that they can hide from their pursuers until nightfall.

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Despite the standard prejudice against Lycans, Sonja clearly treats Lucian with respect, warmly thanking him for saving her and working to remove the silver that has recently infected his blood after he was shot with an arrow. When Lucian reveals his heritage as having been captured by Vampires during a raid on his parents' group of wild Lycans, Sonja expresses disbelief that a noble spirit such as his could ever have been a renegade, later assuring him after he has transformed into his wolfen form that no part of him could be repugnant to her.

When Lucian transforms before her, despite his own shame at appearing in such a manner before a Vampire, Sonja treats him the same as she had when he was human, later reflecting to herself that it is unfair that a noble soul like Lucian's should be condemned to life as a slave simply because of his birth. When Viktor declares that Sonja is to be married to Marcus Corvinus 's son Nicolaewhom Sonja holds a strong distaste for, Sonja and Lucian begin a secret affair in an abandoned chapel in Viktor's palace after Sonja arranges a private meeting with him as the only person in the palace she felt she could be honest with.

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Sonja later learns of her pregnancy, and the two 'marry' in an informal private ceremony between themselves alone. However, their attempt to escape that night is betrayed by Leybaa jealous Lycan slave harboring romantic feelings for Lucian.

Although Viktor initially restricts himself to simply whipping Lucian, when Sonja declares that Lucian is the father of her child, Viktor has her killed. After Lucian flees the vampire palace, he reflects on various occasions that Sonja was the only vampire who genuinely cared for anything other than her own ambitions, fuelling his own rage against his former masters.

During Lucian's later fight with Nicolae, Nicolae mocks Lucian by asking if Sonja was as talented in bed as she was in other matters, Nicolae's callous dismissal of Sonja helping to provoke Lucian's transformation into his wolfen form without the aid of the moon for the first time.

Sonja shares some personality traits with Selene, in that they are both cunning and dedicated warriors, who show little remorse for their enemies and are willing to risk their own lives for the good of their coven, or those they love. However, Sonja is not so slavishly devoted to her life as a warrior as Selene is.

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She is not as loyal to the coven and does not blindly follow their doctrine. Sonja has a somewhat warmer personality, with Rhona Mitra describing her as being more "sassy" compared to Selene. She also appears to be more compassionate and mindful of other's feelings, such as when she asks Lucian if he truly feels nothing when he kills the Werewolves, and by her decision to spare Viktor and attempt to persuade him to accept her love for Lucian, which ultimately proved to be her downfall Selene, on the other hand, didn't hesitate to kill Viktor, although it should be noted that Viktor was revealed to have killed Selene's family, while, up until that point, he had not done anything so terrible to Sonja herself aside from his harsh treatment of Lucian.

Sonja is shown to be quite a fearless fighter; the only time she appears to show any sign of fear is in the moments before her execution. As shown by her actions in Rise of the LycansSonja has a rather rebellious personality; she doesn't seem to appreciate her father trying to control her life and attempts to take charge of her own destiny. Unlike most other Vampires, Sonja does not despise Lycans; she falls in love with one and appears to sympathize with them, to the point where she helps them to escape, betraying her coven in the process.

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It is possible that Sonja's relationship with Lucian is what prompted her to view Lycans as more than just mindless beasts. Sonja has little interest in power or politics, seeking to serve her coven as a warrior and later, to live a peaceful life with the man she loves and their child.

Sonja's love of her family is one of her most central traits; she feels torn between her love and sense of duty to her father, and her forbidden love for, and desire to be with Lucian. Sonja seemed to have hope that her love for Lucian would bring peace between the Vampires and Lycans, a belief that was perhaps somewhat naive of her. That being said, her standing up for those she loved and refusal to live on anyone's terms but her own are testaments to Sonja's inner strength and courage.

Sonja is depicted as an attractive vampire, with fair skin, long, wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes. When using her vampiric abilities, her eyes become electric blue.

Sonja bears a notable resemblance to Selene, which is remarked upon by several characters and clearly shown in their physical similarities. In Underworl Sonja had a slightly different appearance; although she still resembled Selene in her facial features, she had blond hair and green eyes.

She also had these features in Blood Enemywhich was released prior to Rise of the Lycans. According to the filmmakers, Sonja's physical appearance as it is depicted in Rise is the one regarded as canon.

Sonja first met Lucian when they were children and, despite the fact she was a Vampire and the daughter of an Elder, while he was a Lycan slave, she appeared drawn to him. As adults, Sonja and Lucian fell deeply in love, risking Viktor's wrath to secretly meet whenever they could.

Sonja treated Lucian coldly in public, but this was merely a ruse so as not to arouse suspicion. Sonja, unlike most Vampires, views Lucian as a person and admires his courage and compassion.

In the non-canon Blood Enemyshe remarks how unfair it is that a noble soul like Lucian should be doomed to a life of slavery, a notion she seems to retain in Rise of the Lycans.

She often expresses concern for his well-being, asking him how he really feels about killing Werewolves and even begging him not to transform to save her from Werewolves, knowing he would be punished.

She struggles to hide her grief when Lucian is whipped for transforming and is openly devastated when he is tortured a second time at her execution.

Sonja acts as a source of strength and guidance for Lucian; she willingly defies her father to help Lucian escape and also expresses no regret when they are captured, dismissing Lucian's belief that it is his fault for rebelling against the Vampires, with Sonja stating that he would "not be who you are" if he hadn't stood up for his fellow Lycans.

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Sonja loves her father, but they do not always see eye to eye on matters. Sonja is often defiant towards Viktor and seems unenthusiastic about the destiny he has chosen for her. She also knows he has the ability to be cold-blooded and ruthless - it is for this reason she tries to dissuade Lucian from escaping initially and keeps her relationship with him a closely guarded secret, knowing how Viktor would react. She does, however, underestimate the lengths Viktor will go to preserve the Vampire species; she appears to be shocked when Viktor callously announces he will have Lucian killed and also refuses to kill Viktor during her escape attempt with Lucian, instead trying to reason with him.

She seems to hope that by telling Viktor of her pregnancy, he will accept her love for Lucian and the fighting can end. Tragically, Sonja's love and respect for her father, and her faith in his love for her resulted in her death.

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Sonja does not appear to like or trust Tanis much, viewing him with suspicion and wariness after he learns of her relationship with Lucian. However, she forms an uneasy alliance with him, seeing in him an opportunity to help Lucian after Viktor marks him for death.

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She willingly trades her place on the Council with Tanis, in exchange for his silence and a copy of the keys to the Lycans' cells and moon collars. Sonja appears to gain some respect for Tanis, out of gratitude for not giving away her secret and for helping her to meet with Lucian while he is imprisoned.

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Aside from Lucian, Sonja's lady-in-waiting appears to be her only true friend and confidante within the coven. She trusts Luka enough to let her know she cares for Lucian, though she apparently does not confide in Luka in the full extent of her relationship with him. She does, however, allow herself to become emotional in Luka's presence when she witnesses Lucian being whipped.

It can be assumed that Sonja was the one who sent Luka to find Lucian and inform him of her situation, after Viktor puts her under house arrest; evidently, she is close enough to Luka to trust her do this and not betray Lucian's location. It is not clear if Sonja ever told Luka of her relationship with Lucian, though it is possible she guessed, and she would certainly have found out after Sonja is sentenced to death for treason.

Sonja never got to meet her mother, as Ilona died giving birth to her. She does not mention her in the film, but according to the novelization of Rise of the LycansSonja cherished the memory of her mother, keeping many heirlooms that belonged to Ilona and training with the Death Dealers as a way to connect with Ilona. She this would indicate that Sonja loved and respected her mother and sought to emulate her.

In the non-canon Blood EnemySonja and her mother do know each other as Ilona did not die in childbirth and appear to be close. Sonja is devastated by her mother's death, particularly as she was decapitated right in front of her. Then upload your sextape and raise your popularity!

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