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James Randi born Randall James Hamilton Zwinge ; August 7, is a Canadian-American retired stage magician and a scientific skeptic [2] [3] [4] who has extensively challenged paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. He began his career as a magician under the stage name The Amazing Randi and later chose to devote most of his time to investigating paranormal, occult , and supernatural claims, which he collectively calls "woo-woo". Although often referred to as a " debunker ", Randi has said he dislikes the term's connotations and prefers to describe himself as an "investigator". Before Randi's retirement, JREF sponsored the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge , which offered a prize of one million dollars US to eligible applicants who could demonstrate evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event under test conditions agreed to by both parties. He confounded doctors who expected he would never walk again. In his twenties, Randi posed as an astrologer and, to establish that they were actually doing simple tricks, he briefly wrote an astrological column in the Canadian tabloid Midnight under the name "Zo-ran" by simply shuffling up items from newspaper astrology columns and pasting them randomly into a column.

He says no one will tell him who he can or cant speak to, yet everytime i go out, he makes me look like i am doing something wrong. I dont go out anymore, i have no friends, my family doesnt like him, yet when i do everything for him, i am the best girlfriend in the world.

I dont know what to do. He wasnt like this for the first year but now hes changed. He checked my phone, he checks up on me. Yet if i ask questions or want to say i dont like this, he says what am i hiding or to shut up when i try talk to him.

He says i am argumentative yet i hate falling out like this with him. He has no reason not to trust me or tell me who i can go out with. Its like i cant do anything without him being mad with me. Shall i get out? I do love him tho. I have an emotionally controlling boyfriend.

Yesterday I pleaded for him to stop being controlling and he agreed, he promised and said he was sorry. I know things will go back to the way they were, I just know it. I promised I would break up with him if he continued his controlling ways.

Girls, if you have been dating your partners for not too long, leave immediately, cause when you start to really fall in love with them, it is so hard to let them go.

This is a opinion based article. Every partner dose these in a relationship. You set your boundaries. She said it was because everytime she got off work or went out with friends I would ask about it.

This article is garbaged! Chloe- ur story sounds so familiar. I have 4 sisters and have pretty much seen it all. In my experience. What I mean is are you sure something didnt happen to start the behavior? Is it possible he cheated on you? This seems to be common: like a person realizes how easy it is to cheat and turn it around as expressions of dis-trust or dishonesty from their partner. Like if her friend would sleep with me why wouldnt u do it or she might encourage u.

Its weird I know but happens. Also if he didnt cheat Maybe he is having some confidence issues and its easier for us to take it out on the people we love. Im not taking up for ur guy. However, if it did start so late in the relationship maybe theres something else going on.

If its not the cheating then it may be worth a try to salvage. Ask him to go to therapy, if he agrees then go with him. If he bails therapy then u bail. Also if he is acting this way its possible that he feels stuck too, and he may be sub-conciously trying to sabatage. If the bad out wieghs they good then get out. Everyone does NOT do all 15 of these. We all do have a controlling streak in a sense, but that is like guidelines of what is and is not acceptable in a relationship. Just like vows in a marriage.

Girls do it to. Guys just tend to walk away easier when a girl cracks the wip! It sounds to me like ur girl had 1 foot out the door from go. She was in the wrong going out every night with friends and turning it around on u; however, that doesnt mean that these 15 points arent valid here. So for u to say what these girls feel is wrong, well thats not right and you are invalidating them and their feelings. Most of the stories these girls are sharing point to being in a controlling relationship, which means they already have a man invalidating them, their choices, and their feelings!

They dont need u doing it to. Maybe ur girl did u wrong that doesnt make all girls wrong. Their guys are still doing them wrong, would u like them to blame u as a man for that as well. This article is actually quite point on. It missed a few points like financial control and family control, but it makes sense in every other ct. The friends and family of the controlled person sees these things early on in most cases.

They try to point it out without distroying their bond but it gets difficult. There comes a point when the family and friends will get irritated at their loved one because they stay or keep going back. Often she tells her boyfriend what they say to get a reaction. Then he feels like hes been attacked and makes her choose. So Tim- let me ask u is this the kind of thing u want on ur concious?

And im sorry if ur girlfriend used this as an excuse to dip out, but she must have felt she needed a reason, so have u asked urself that. What have I done to make her feel like she needed a documented reason to leave? I want to get out of this relationship in the most peaceful way possible. Lately I wake up with soo much regret for getting involved with, even meeting him. I seriously rue the day this grown boy came into my life.

I wish he would just disappear out of my life. And then I read this article, which I came across by accident, mind you. Where there was confusion, agony, and fear of being alone, I suddenly feel comfort, pity, and relief.

Im so drained. I always feel torn between my friends and his. I dont go out really anymore with trhe girls ether because its so much hassle. He would text me every 5 mins and if i had a slight delay in texting back he wud get odd and my night out would be ruined because he wud start a fight or even before i go out hed find someway to make me feel bad. I never have any problems when he wants to do stuff or go out with his friends so i never really understood why he had these problems with me?

I dont want to loose him at all because i do love him so much, but i dont want to say this to him ether because im scared of his reaction. My friends are going away on a girls weekend soon and he has made a point of saying he wouldnt want to go away with the lads on a lads trip because he dosnt need to.

Im so sad all the time. I feel so boxed in, iv tried talking to one of my friends about it but she just made a joke of it so i dont know what to do. I never had anyone to teach me about relationships and my parents were awful role models. About six months ago I officially ended it with my controlling fianc. I am struggling right now. My relationship has ruined my life.

I have even kept him a secret from my best friend who hates him for the way that he treats me. I just want to have freedom and not have this person controlling me. I want to be in a mutually respectful relationship. I realize now I need to be single for a long, long time and get a lot of help once I have the courage and strength to leave.

What are the first steps in leaving? I have all the traits mentioned here except 10,11,12 and wondering how true my gf will find this to be. She has already dumped me once and I made her come back because it was hard for me to let go!!! For all the ladies who have emotionally controlling bf, u should take up a stance that is genuinely consistent with your needs,show him this article, he probably knows all about it but reading this will open his eyes.

You must know its the insecurities that drive this behaviour. I sometimes make gfs life hell, and in turn mine. Its creepy I know. My sister is with someone just like this. Okay ladys as a guy please listen to me, if your partner is anything like this leave him ASAP. He is a moron and you can do a million times better, leave that control freak and take back your life. I have been in a horrible relationship for 18 months by bf is always saying things like u smell like a whore or why are you wearing that to show your tits off.

Even when i was pregnant it was a fight for me to do anything. I havent went out with friends or family in well over a year. He calls all my friends whores and sluts including my sister. If i try to go anywhere he tells me he is leaving or he wont watch our son so offcourse then i have to stay home.

I tell him he is controlling but he always denys it he gets mad and tells me im a bitch and mean nothing to him. He tells me if i leave him he will not want anything to do with our son and he will sign over his parental rights.

Its just disgusting the way he is with me and the things he says. My life has to change there must be a way some days im so upset i just dont no what to do im not allowed to do anything and its sick cause i find myself asking if its ok for something i am a 29 yr old women i shldnt have to ask my bf wow fml. My boyfriend does all of these things and more.

Not that I needed to look it up, I think I have always known I have been in a controlling relationship but have had a really hard time leaving and every time I do he ends up pulling me back in. We have been together off and on for almost 6 years and were engaged for 2 of those years. From day one he lead me to believe he was this perfect man, the guy I had been looking for all my life and I felt so lucky that I had him all to myself.

Before we moved in together I remember being really happy, going out with my friends and enjoying life. Shortly after moving in, that all changed dramatically and I felt like I had sacrified everything to be a part of his life, while he had sacrificed nothing. Suddenly, the arguements began whenever I wanted to go out with my friends and while I was out he would call and text me the entire time, starting a huge fight that would always eventually ruin my night.

This happened frequently and I would often end up leaving early, causing my friends to get mad at me and they began to dislike him. We fight over this repeatedly. He will immediately call back, repeately until I answer. When I finally answer I have to explain what I was doing, why it took me so long to answer and where I am. No matter what my response, I am accused of lying, he starts swearing at me and name calling. I caught on that he purchased spyware for my cell phone that allows him to completely monitor all my cell phone activity, allowing him access to all of my text messages, call log, internet activity and pictures, and to listen to my calls.

I discovered it, I deleted it and confronted him about it only for him to turn around and buy a more expensive and discreet one that can not easily be removed without hard re-setting the phone. Whenever he thinks I am lying he checks it and of course never finds anything, apologizes and pretends nothing happened. After all of our arguements he always acts like nothing happened. At times I have caught him sitting down the street from my house to see if I leave the house with other guys.

He calls me so many times a day I feel like I spend the majority of my free time with the phone stuck to my ear. Every time I try to hang up with him, he will think of something else to talk about and when I finally get off the phone he will call me back minutes later.

The only time I get a break is when I am with him or when he is working. If I go out while he is working I get attitude and he expects me to immediately stop whatever it is that I am doing and come hang out with him as soon as he is done, even if I am with my family.

I find myself constantly explaining everything I do and every move I make, every text message that I receive and every telephone conversation I have is questioned. I have tried changing my phone number but he will show up at my work or come to my house. His mother is the exact same way, doing the same things to both him and his brother. Whenever I call this to his attention he denies it, often bringing up something unrelevant that I may have done, that happened years ago, in order to justify his behavior.

I often find myself thinking about my life before him and wishing that I had never met him. I know this relationship is not healthy and I have to get out of it but we have also been together for a long time and despite the way he treats me, I do love him. I had to if I have put up with this for so long.

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I refuse to have children with someone like this or to bring a child into this type of environment. I need to find the strength to not only break it off for good but to ignore his persistent, empty apologies that often make me feel guilty and keep me coming back.

I feel that my boyfriend has just about all of these signs! He does nothing but belittle me and im getting very fed up. He is very insecure and he always gets mad whenever i go see one of my girlfriends, even when hes at work!! I feel like i have no freedom and as if i need his permission to do something. He needs to know everything i do. When i dont answer his texts fast enough, he thinks im doing something behind his back! I love him to death, weve been dating nearly 2 years.

But im only 18, hes I have yet to know what to do with my life and im not sure if this is the kind of relationship i want. He took my virginity. I thought he was the love of my life, i still think he is, but i dont like the way things are going. Ive had talks with him about how he makes me feel but it just doesnt seem to be doing much good.

Id love to be able to talk to someone in the same position as me! In my last relationship, I was guilty of most of those signs! I just never thought about it and now that I do, it makes me hate myself. I just never figured out how bad it was. Please, if you see those signs in your boyfriend, talk to him, ask him to read this and try to reason with him.

Sometimes that blinds us into doing stupid things. I wish I would have found this while I was dating my controlling boyfriend. I at first thought it was cute that he wanted to spend all of his time with me, that he was jealous blah blah blah but he got more and more crazy as the years went on.

I finally got the courage to take my chances and break it off with him even though he still kept threating to kill himself. I have never been happier with my decision and guess what. I too am one of the guilty guys being referred to here. Now, first of all - I hate that this is who I am. It was never my intention to act like this. However, all these points in this article accurately describe my actions. I think the insecurities are definitely the biggest thing for me - I was in a terrible past relationship and became very insecure because of it cheated on, manipulated myself, etc.

I really am seeking out help to change my way of thinking about all of this.

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When we first started dating 10 months ago, everything was amazing. She was exactly who she is as a person and we loved being together. I simply care for this girl so much. I love her to death. I want so many good things for her life that it drives me crazy when I see her not doing everything to help herself. I hate that I come across that way but this article definitely puts some perspective into it for me. Maybe I just need to learn how to bite my tongue and maybe I also need to just listen and comfort her for once.

If anything can be taken from what I have to say - just please realize that not all guys intend to do this at all and just talking to them will help. It did for me tonight. There is no denying some of these things - I really really want to change myself.

I am a nice guy and care so much about this girl. This make me want to cry. He turns it back on me. Idk what made him change. His dad is head of some dept.

But the pothead probs only came at end of relationship. He was my very 1st bf so I never really knew what red flag signs were. Get out of relationship at first sign of violence. This made me feel a lot better about my recent breakup.

Thank you for posting this! What made me sad is that realizing that I was many of these things with my ex-boyfriend. You hit it spot on! I speak from experience, as a survivor. All of the comments above resonate.

You can change your controlling boyfriend if you want to. Just watch out for these 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend and put an end to it as soon as it crops . 10 teams embark on the race of a lifetime, all vying for the grand prize at the finish line. Hosted by Olympic champion and Canadian hero Jon Montgomery. Watch amazing big tits movies at! Your best tube to get free big boobs.

I lost myself the first year in. I was with this man for 30 years. I have a child with him, and my divorce was final just last week. He will never let go. Martina- please! Let him deny paternity. I won full custody. I was lucky. These warning signs are good ones for new relationships. Tell them to call the crisis line.

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As for these men, When they are good, they are very very good. And when they are bad they are horrible. But you can do it And please do it before you get married and have to divorce this person.

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Because it is a battle like no other. Please please know It will not get better no matter how much you give. In fact, the more you give, the worse it gets. It is so hard on the kids. At least I hope it is He changed his number after a year of toxic games and controlling behaviour. He has a girlfriend but he would call me and want to see me whenever it was convenient for him. He has done nothing but hurt me and I know that I am a great girl and I deserve better!

He is very insecure and I think that it makes him feel good by controlling and manipulating girls. Reading this just confirmed what I thought about my boyfriend. He tells me im beautiful and pretty and that makes me think its the only thing he likes about me. Its a never ending cycle, but I love him and we have good moments. He loves me so much. But when he makes me promise him a million things over and over, accuses me of cheating and when he controls what I watch it kills my brain.

I end up self harming. Why does he destroy my mind? Been there, after 3 and half years finally broke free, the first sign of controlling run for the hills, these kind of people will never change and will only bring you down, even now nearly a year and half later that relationship still effects me, these kind of people want you to be dependent on them for everything and along the way u lose urselfthe month i started seeing a guy that exhibited the same controlling traits of my ex, lets say i told him to get on his bike a week later.

Sometimes his expectations are so unrealistic. I love him. Great article, whats the solution though? I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for just over 2 years, he shows pretty much all the signs mentioned and its scary. He started this behavior about a year ago but it was very subtle until he moved towns. The distance has put a toll on the relationship and his behavior has made it harder.

He hates it when i go out with friends even during he day! He storms of when we have fights and blames them all on me and tells me i should be listening to him. Just cause he wants to stop, i should do the same. I deserve to be treated far better than this.

My only problem is how do i get out of it? I know he will do anything to change my mind!

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My boyfriend is controlling, he wasnt like this when we first met. He now gets angry when i tell him that im going for lunch with my sister in law or with my friends. It is hurting me, I use to be a happy person around him and the worst thing is that i live with him. He talks to me in a rude tone to me. I am in a relationship for 3. I am the controlling person! I know that. Unfortunately I am a very impulsive and sensitive person, so it is very hard for me to keep calm for the first minutes when something upset me.

Then I run away or otherwise I would not stop blaming the other personmy boyfriend. Long walk and staying alone helps me calm down.

It might takes me 30 minutes or a few hours to calm down. Most of the fights I end up with breaking up our relationship, but that last only for maximum one day.

We love each other too much, so that is what keeps us together. I am 37 years old an he is going to be We are both from Europe and we met in Australia and have been here till now. I am more responsible person and I worry too much about things. Sometimes I want to make just sure we will not do nothing bad, what could kick us from this country, which we love very much.

Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn Hot - Snatched

The stress about the visa and learning new life and rules from this country sometimes makes things worst. But living here and not to be controlled by my family is for me also like a healing process. At the begging of our relationship I controlled him more and he let me. I even thought he likes it, that made me to control him more and telling him what to do with his life or in his life. He is a very happy and positive person. He loves himself very much. I am sometimes positive, but many times negative especially about our relationship.

I turned to a very terrible girlfriend. Of course he is not perfect and has some bad habits or he is also not always perfect behaving partner. After 1,5 year relationship went our relationship down and he broke up with me. We both knew it was only what we could do, otherwise it would kill us to continue in that relationship.

I was down and cried a lot. I knew I did horrible things to him. He loved me, but he was scared to go really back with me again. I knew I need it to change and that I need help. We did talk about this also during our relationship, but only our break up helped meI am thanks full him for that. It separated our life a bit and we could start to breath. He enjoyed his life with his friends and met me on a regular bases.

I tried to put myself back and get better mentally.

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I went to see horse therapy, I read a lot positive books to help me improve my personality. It was long one year where I was trying improve and get back my boyfriend. I fight for me and our relationship.

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When my boyfriend realized I have changed a lot, then he let it me be closer to his heart. We are back now and we both know I am not totally healed. So I posted often some terrible stuff on my or my boyfriends Facebook.

I changed my status there so oftenbut I and my boyfriend know I can learn to stop posting our private life on Facebook as well as I learned to stop breaking my his stuff. He is not letting me what I wish with his life. I need to learn accept, that my boyfriend and people have many times different view on different situations. I need to learn to stop chasing him and calling him times when he is with his friends.

Yes, he did change some habits and I see he is trying to safe and work out our relationship. He has stopped do some really some things what upset me.

But not everything. I wanted a lot from his and I have a very high expectations on him and our relationship. I know I need to do a lot of compromise too and let him live his life also his wayif I want to keep him in my life.

Many times during our relationship I am surprised he is still with me. I tried to push him away from me. Probably no.

We need to learn to live together and to grow together. Yes, I want to change some of my personality. Not all, because I thing on the other hand I am also wonderful person. But so insecure, that my mind is jumping up and down. I would love to learn stop controlling my partner and rather to learn to control my anger and behaviour. We know with my boyfriend, that it is possible and needs to take step by step, that not all is possible to change in one day.

I have a period when I am getting better and then period when I am again terrible. When I stop reading positive books or researching and gaining some valuable material, than I am back where I was. Of course I need to learn also not to be tough to myself and not to try be perfect, because I am just a human person. But many times my boyfriend say I am unhappy, because I am making myself unhappy, that I am creating problems, where they are not.

That I am making dramas where it is not necessary. And I know he is sometimes right. I really would love change. And I am so thanks full, that my boyfriend is still with me. I want to stop hurting him and hurting myself.

I want make us happy. He did a lot of stuff for me, he has changed a lot of stuff in his life because of me. I need to learn to let him do his own things without me as well. He puts me down, then tells me not to tell people what he says because they might get the wrong idea about him - they might think he belittles me.

He lectures me about going out drinking and risking a DUI, he tells me not to trust anyone but him. Words with no meaning. He makes me feel like a bar whore because I go to happy hour 2 or 3 times a month with my co workers. But he goes to strip clubs with his brothers and his buddies - a lot. He picks apart every decision I make. I pay the insurance and the car payment with MY money.

I love my car. Ladies, please please take my advice. It may seem hard at first, but the sooner you get away from him the better. I hate to break it to you all, but this is how all boyfriends are and you are just living a fantasy to think that you can have a guy like you see on your little TV shows.

I love my boyfriend so much, but he is controlling he fits all Anyway this amazed me so much, he just wiped me off my feet. Now I dont believe in Jesus. But we fight so much, because of his jelousy. I admit, I made a mistake about 3 weeks after coming here, he caught me on Omeggle. He says my family will always be my family, but he, well I could lose him.

I dont know what I should do. I am a little concerned that the direction of this article leads young women to believe that they can change an emotionally controlling man. Why not just encourage them to find a man of better substance, who is more deserving of their attention?

If life has taught me anything, its that making men over is a fantasy best left to the movies. Hold out for an emotionally well rounded man instead of a fixer-upper! The fact of the matter is that a man of this type can do irreparable damage to your self-esteem and drive away everyone else who cares about you.

Does that sound like love to you? My parents had him spend more than a week at my house because he got kicked out. Am I at fault? Am I an awful girlfriend. Another thing is that he had another kid by his ex which used to be my friend. But in the last year I moved away to another country which has been a nightmare to me. We fight every single day because of his jealousy. I feel he loves to find wrong things about me.

He demands me to tell him every ate of my life. He forgets everything the moment I start to cry, then he becomes so lovely and nice for about couple of weeks, then the same movie starts to play.

Well at least I found my way through him. I just recently broke up with my bf.

15 Subtle Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend Most Girls Don't Notice

He was a sneaky emotion controlling bf. When he was the first one to say it. I even said ok. You ruined it for me now. He will say something like you dont deserve a kiss because you made me angry you dont deserve to be bought food or anything and its my fault because i made the argument aparnlty. I cant believe he treats me like that? I mean im not hes pet!! Your just a pretty face. What a excuse right?. But look how he treats me! That is not love! Hes words when we breakup is go if you want im not going to chase you because youl be back once you realise you wont find anyone better after writing all this down iv realised hes such a control freak asshole!!

I am going to delete and block him out of my life!! Please if anyone has a simillar story a boyfriend that puts you down for no reason!!. Thank you for reading. I like how ever blames the male. Females can be just as controlling as men. I know this by actually experience.

I am kind of an emotional manipulator. Yes I have jealousy, even though I know I can trust my woman completely. She can go where she wants, I just wanna know. She is a relatively closed person, and very loving. I know she loves me. My ex was just like this plus he was physically abusive, I left his arse 4 years ago and it was one of my better decisions in life.

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We hang out together go out to eat and chill. He constantly is putting me down,and making me feel bad about myself. This does not feel like love it feels like control. I need advice about how to break up with him. I am starting to abuse him really bad! And it feels damn good to control him and verbally abuse him. For all those times he made me feel like shit I am making him feel x worse! It feels soo fkn good! I feel so fked up for abusing him but all this depression and anxiety has built up so I just had that need to let it out!

It feels damn good! I put him down, swear at him, tell him he is no man, control what he watches, who he talks to, which music he listens to, just like how he does to me!

thanks for

He needs to learn not to hurt me anymore! I will forever have them but me being a bitch to him is making it better! I can fkn breathe again! I feel so fkn happy. From the insecure guy: advice on how to not be insecure would be helpful.

I need to break the chain. Please tell us how to get out cause I have ran out of ideas? Ang one can help me please im missable and my kids are suffering because of it thanx guys. Yay i just found out that i am a controlling guy. When you find out that your girlfriend is talking to another guy in a dirty manner she feels bad and does it again. So ya i guess it makes me a controlling guy for catching her and it makes me a controlling guy that i prevent her from seeing this guy that she had sexual feelings for.

Girls seriously a little guys prospective Do not say i love you and i want to be with you for the rest of my life if you are attracted to another guy. Because then it turns us in to the 15 steps. Reading through this list, I thought of either him or myself when things seemed a bit too familiar. Double negative? Two wrongs making a right? I just got out of a controlling relationship. He treated me like a princess at first. He could do whatever he wanted, whenever, and I was totally fine with it.

At times it felt like he hung out with them more than me. It was a bunch of double standards. I never did anything to make him not trust me.

I felt I could never talk to him about anything. He also held grudges, even for the smallest, stupidest things. I do love him, more than anything.

Its one rule for them another for us if I go out I get bitched at told I ignore him etc but he gets to go out when he can x. All I need to know is- what are you supposed to do in this situation? How do you get past this? Can you turn the tables on them? All these signs to me are about trust. I think I need help. I have been with this guy for almost 2 yrs now 1. But with time, he was become over protective. When i ask y he changed, he says that its bcoz i love u more now.

I think i have changed myself a lot bcoz of him. He expects me no to go to parties. And if i do, it just ends up in huge fights. He expects me to take his calls whenever he calls even if i am with my friends. But the same doe snot apply to him bcoz apparently his friends are better than mine. He wants me to take his permission for everything- even something as stupid as opening a blog.

I am not in contact with any guy bcoz he doesnt like it. When i changed my number he didnt want any guy to have it. I really need help. I love him a lot. Should i continue in this relationship? If you are in a relationship with a controlling boyfriend or girlfriend, please get out now.

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You cannot change them. They perceive their behavior as caring. They think they are looking out for your best interest and you should do what they say because of it. How do you get out? Tell them firmly that you want to break up and that you no longer have feelings for them. If they ask for a reason, then tell them that they are way too controlling and jealous. Before breaking up, tell your friends and family where you are going to be and what you are going to do in case anything happens.

I would bring a tough-looking man with you as backup if you are dealing with a violent soon-to-be ex. Alternatively, you could break up with him in a public place preferably near a police or fire station.

I am actually going through this right now. I tried to talk to him about me going out and hang out with my friends while he was with his friends and it is always a big ordeal so I walked away from this relationship.

Im going through this right now. He doesnt trust me and stops me from Talking to any guy. I broke up with him about a month ago. He still controlled me, abused me I finally had the courage to tell him yesterday that we need to part ways as he was still controlling me. All this abuse made me fall out of love with him. That was the only reason I was able to break up with him. I miss him.

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I care for him. The relationship was dead months ago. Please, before falling deeply in love, please break up. You will end up like me, 2 years of mental torture.

Let go. I feel as if 2 years of my life has been wasted. I hope to never fall in love again. We live a few hundred miles away and see each other every weekend. My bf has almost all of these signs. When we first got together he treated me like a princess and for the most part still does.

The first 6 months were great and then I noticed a change in myself. I went from being carefree and happy to insecure and having severe anxiety. He is very loving and kind to me but some of the things he does really bother me.

For instance I started to notice that when we are in the grocery store and I offer to go a few aisles to get a few things on the list he says no wait for me. I used to love that we cooked together until he started telling me how to put the ingredients in.

He will literally make most of the food. He likes to suggest how suggest everything from what color coat I should buy to the proper way to bleach my teeth. Anytime we have a fight he says he cant do this again. We had an argument last weekend and he punched a wall in the garage and threw a glass against the wall.

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I now realize that I have lost myself. Hey I totally understand what you mean. Has he stopped talking to girls after he started dating you? I am filled with regrets myself. He says he did all that to make me more confident. He even told me once, that if i slept with some other guy to be happy, he is fine with it. It feels so terrible when he says all that.

My solution might not work for you though. I have told my BF that we are not moving in or getting married until he stops treating me like a poodle. Are you coming with or staying here? I put a filter on his emails so that they bypass my Inbox and go straight to their own folder. I only check that folder when I have the energy to deal with him or if everything has been quiet lately. In the beginning he asked why I was suddenly missing so many of his calls and told him I was in meetings or in the bathroom or that I forgot the phone sometimes those are true.

He has been getting better. We do get along extremely well most of the time. Note: He does not have access to any of my finances and if he wants to contribute to my lifestyle he gives me the money which I can put in my bank or whatever. I work very hard to stay independent because of the controlling attitude that flares up. I need help and fast! Iv been with my boyfriend for 3. He constantly calls me a fat slut etc because he knows it upsets me.

He does this after a arguement if I stand up for myself or I annoy him to much. This is my 18 yr olds booyfriend to a tee. My boyfriend is every one of these things apart from stalking me, I think! To everyone else he seems like a great guy but underneath he can be truly horrible. Wow, far too many of these are true for my situation. What is there to be done? You are miserable if you stay but you have bright moments and there is hope for the future.

If you leave it would be to admit defeat to turn your back on hope and break your heart to never be a part of his life again. There is no choice that does not come without immense pain.

Because he feels that i dont need to talk to anyone else but him. And its not that he talks to everyone and stops ME from taking to others. He also got out of all his friends' contact and has stoppped talking to anyone. But in my case, he forced me to stop being in contact with friends and all. I just broke up with my boyfriend, I honestly thought he was going to be the one I was going to marry, but not until after I broke it off did I realize how much he wanted to control me.

He had made it seem like decisions I was making were horrible and that I was not going to go anywhere in life and that if he were to marry me I would bring him down. He basically told me he was not going to support me no matter what which made me mad because I supported no matter what even if I did not agree, he is a 27 yr old man that after graduating college at 24 decided to stay at a retail store because he was afraid of pursuing an actual career and now that he has money to actually move out to an apartment comfortably says he does not want to do that because it will set him back.

He is just a big baby pushing his insecurities on to me and make me seem like the bad person. No one is perfect just the way they are, so they should be willing to change to better themselves especially for the love of their life or even just to make their partner happy.

Girls, if you want to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it, then please be single! This goes applies to guys also. Well, a disclaimer should be put up that controlling should be considered only when at least 10 of these behaviours are exhibited. Anything less is normal and what girls normally find attractive cos it demonstrates a backbone in these guys when it comes to what they want. In a relationship, many of these things occur because of genuine emotions in terms of fidelity and communication.

When a guy cares about his girl, he knows when she has screwed up before, and whether or not she has changed.

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Until shit hits the fan. I was in that for 8 years, I feel emotionally drained. I knew something was seriously up, cause I feel like im nothing without him, worthless, useless unloved and unwanted by everyone, not good enough. I have been living with this situation for so long. I feel trapped. If I am asleep and I do not answer I get over 50 calls and many texts until I wake up. But ofcourse it is my fault, I let it get this. Here Tits 4. Huge Sex TV 5.

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