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Why Every New Macbook Needs A Different Goddamn Charger

Originally posted by sweetpeasnecktattoo. Nah mate, Shayne knows when to step down and give you space in order to not have any sort of conflict, knowing how you both have a bad temper at times. Oh geez. Your stomach churned. Oh holy geez. Mostly unscripted. Thankfully, you were taken out of your trance with a noise.

In the vlog on his channel called Why I Left Smosh released the same day he goes deeper and explains to fans why he left Smosh with the video even hitting 1 trending video. He feels now that Smosh is a brand owned by a company Alloy Digital, later Defy Mediait put all his creative decisions "through a filter". Hours after the news of his departure, articles shot up all over the internet, written on websites including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. The day before his departure he created the channel Anthony Padilla 2on which the channel banner says he will be uploading videos "Whenever the heck he wants".

After his departure, many fans were unsure of the future of Smosh. Though over nine months after his departure, Smosh has dropped fourteen places from the eighth most subscribed channel. Their views have also dropped dramatically as well.

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Smosh has recently started to get subscribers and views and views at a consistent rate, faster than Anthony's last year in Smosh but not as fast as Smosh was the most subscribed channel over five years ago, back in Some claim that his departure has made the channel very unstable and shaky, however.

Many fans still want Anthony to return to Smosh, some desperately.

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In the immediate aftermath of leaving Smosh, Anthony would at first create a wide variety of videos in an attempt to find his own voice. Several of these were short sketches in the style of Smosh videos. The video started a series that would at first be infrequent but eventually become the bulk of his content. Anthony explained the evolution of the series in the December 11, episode of Phillip DeFranco's podcast series "A Conversation With.

However, when he shot I Spent a Day with FURRIEShe found that so many of the people he invited and the comments were thankful for Anthony talking to a misunderstood community in a respectful way, genuinely trying to find out more. From then on he decided to take these interviews more seriously to help others see niche groups in a new light and give them the chance to express themselves.

Smosh fake nudes

He explained to Philip that he now feels less pressure to be funny as a result, leaving his editor to apply the comedic touches to the finished product. In the summer ofAnthony was hired by Nickelodeon to host the Facebook series Throw Back with Nickelodeona series where he interviews stars from old Nickelodeon shows. Anthony has to wear a mouth guard when he goes to sleep because otherwise, he would grind his teeth together. Ian was the first person to notice it because they went on a trip to Hawaii right after they graduated and they were sharing a room with two beds.

Ian kept hearing a creaking sound. Anthony has had other dental issues, as when they were preparing for a Food Battle, Anthony chipped his tooth when he was to perform a type of ground stunt. In high school, Anthony was a tennis player, but he left the sport after his partner slammed the racket with no intention up his chin, which made one of his teeth fall out.

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They ended their relationship in late for unknown reasons. When he was 15 he was diagnosed with HSP and he was bed and home ridden for four months. This gave him the chance to learn how to code and create a forum to chat with friends, called smosh.

The HSP has remained dormant ever since.

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They announced their split on Thursday, December 4th, The decision was mutual and the two remained friends for some time even though none of them appeared in any videos together on either of their channels. As ofit can be safely assumed, after a series of social media reveals and unfollows, that they are no longer friends.

In his second "Draw My Life" he stated that the relationship with Kalel was manipulative and throughout most of it he feels now he was being used. He was walked all over to the point where he asked for her approval in every ct of his life.

Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it. Mar 08,   Watch Courtney Miller Deepfake (Smosh) on, best deepfake porn! Shocking new NSFW fake porn every day. Find top celebrities having hardcore sex on camera, real celeb porn, and best fake celebrity nudes!/5. Daniel Anthony Padilla (born September 16, ), is an American YouTuber and comedian from Los Angeles, California, and a former member of Smosh. He is Ian's best friend and the founder of Smosh Productions. On June 14, , Anthony officially announced he left Smosh to become an independent.

His confidence had dropped to rock bottom and he lost who he really was as a person. He didn't mention her name in the video but it was obvious he was talking about her. After the release of the video a large social media argument happened, started by Kalel. Her reaction to the video was very offensive, sending Anthony multiple offensive tweets on Twitter.

She also posted an extremely long paragraph about it titled "The Truth". She deleted it soon after she posted it but it can be found on other websites copied by fans. He began dating writer and comedian Miel Bredouw in early He decided to keep his romantic life with Miel a bit more private than with Kalel. They posted some content together online but not to the extent that Kalel and he did.

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In SeptemberMiel moved to New York, heavily implying that they broke up. It was revealed via his instagram, Mykie's instagram, and a video on Mykie's channel. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Anthony Padilla

He is Ian 's best friend and the founder of Smosh Productions. On June 14,Anthony officially announced he left Smosh to become an independent content creator. Contents [ show ]. Anthony atop the Tuscan hills, with the city of Florence in the background. Anthony leaves Smosh 3 messages. Is he coming back, like ''ever''? That decision is up to him.

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Remember Me. Damien Haas moves from small town Virginia to LA in hopes of becoming a big time singer, where he meets fellow aspiring singer Shayne Topp, but the path of true love never did run smoothly.

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Meanwhile, the hopes of the most popular bar on the Sunset Strip, Smosh, are dependent on the infamous Courtney Miller to help save it from the mobs of angry protesters hoping to get rock 'n roll out of their city. Will Courtney Miller pull through and save Smosh? Will the protestors led by the mayor's husband, known only as Sohinki get what they want? Will Damien and Shayne make it through? Is the mayor having an affair with his assistant? Boze is of the firm belief that everything can be magical if you try hard enough, and that everything is better with magic.

She thinks that everyone should have this belief. Courtney doesn't know Boze, but she'd disagree.

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Just because she's a witch doesn't mean she thinks magic is perfect. You have to be careful. Shayne and Damien were so tantalizingly close to not being involved in this mess at all.


They don't want to be a part of this mess. Olivia is there for support, and also because her premonitions are helpful. Lasercorn needs to be found again, before he wreaks havoc, Mari has once more disappeared into the night, but she can stay there, damn it, Sohinki could be doing literally anything else, that would be nice, Wes should be here helping, but of course he's gone, and Joven needs to calm down. Oh, and Ian is there. Shayne can't focus at work, at home, nothing. Because of him Are Shayne's feelings one-sided, or could Damien feel the same way?

Shayne doesn't always watch Damien's streams. He finds that he can only really focus on one thing at a time and when you're trying to pay attention to one thing, hearing your best friend's voice steadily coming out of your laptop speakers can be a tad distracting.

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Wesley Johnson finds an allegedly haunted, abandoned hotel and decides to bring his friends along. It's the last anyone saw the eleven of them alive. Damien and Shayne may not be spending Easter with their families, but this year there are some surprises in store for them both. When they show up to work on a sunny Monday morning wearing rings on their left hands, no one really questions it.

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