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?? All Guys Discuss My Bre*sts After My Fail In The Swimming Pool

This happened two summers ago. I was in my mid-thirties and never really learned how to swim well. I would still swim and do things in the water but not really go under without holding my nose and closing my eyes. So I wanted to conquer swimming and take some lessons finally. I found a place in town that offered adult, private swim lessons, so I signed up for 5 weeks with 2 sessions a week. Where I took the lessons was an indoor pool.

We chatted a bit and he asked me about my best attempt at learning. I replied: in Yugoslavia, although I admitted that had been naked. He replied that that was the best way to swim, so I said cheekily, not thinking that he would take my question seriously: Well, this is an enclosed pool; could I have my lessons naked? Sep 10,   John Connors says swimming naked in high school gym class was "torture." Curious City looks at why schools enforced the policy for decades. Sep 13,   It's gym class and you're completely naked. You could be having a bad dream - or you could have just been a male student in a Chicago Public School swim class.

She was on a swim team very young and was an expert swimmer. Her parents even owned the facility and she worked there in the summer. She was very good looking but also nice and wanted to make me feel comfortable.

For our first lesson on a Tuesday, I told her my story and we took it pretty slow. She had me get used to going underwater and taught me how to hold my breath the right way. We were in the shallow end and mainly stayed there.

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There were other people around doing lessons or swimming in other lanes. We talked a bit and it was a good introduction. The class was only a half hour but I was able to stay longer and swim if I wanted to. When it was over, I stayed for maybe 20 minutes, then took a shower and left.

The second lesson was on Thursday and I met up with Kim again. She would be my instructor through all the lessons. She seemed really comfortable with me even though I was a single guy older than her. We talked and I learned that her boyfriend just dumped her a few weeks ago but she was having a good summer going out with her friends. We worked more with going underwater and I was able to open my eyes underwater.

I had goggles on but I normally wear contact lenses and had them out.

Swim class naked

I could see but it was a little blurry. I did like going underwater and seeing her in her one-piece swimsuit. It was really tight on her athletic body and her legs were really tan. The suit showed a lot of her upper thighs and was cut close in the inside. Again, it was good motivation for going underwater. I wanted to hold my breath longer and longer each time if that was what I got to look at. The next Tuesday rolled around and I had my third lesson with Kim.

She had a different suit on this time. It was still a one-piece and was showed a lot of leg like the other one but this one showed some of her cleavage, too. She had nice breasts, not too big but definitely not small.

Apr 26,   A "naked in public" nightmare come to life. In , the Brooklyn YMCA opened America's first recreational indoor pool and required men to swim nude. Wool swimsuits were potential traps for Author: Alyssa Girdwain. Sep 22,   Andreatta: When boys swam nude in gym class. Greece students complaining of having to change for gym class have no idea what their grandfathers endured. Sep 03,   Rodney Dangerfield at His Best on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - Duration: Rodney Dangerfield Recommended for you.

I was wondering if they actually slowed her down a little while she was swimming. She wanted me to float on my back, so we worked on that. I was able to do it fine. She did have her arms and hands out supporting me a little, which was when I noticed she chose a few times to hold me up and have her hands on my butt. We did it again and this time she let go and I sort of floated over to her and my head and face were right under her breasts.

We were talking a bit and I was asking her about swim suits.

Baring It All: Why Boys Swam Naked In Chicago High Schools

I complimented her on her suit and said it looked nice on her. Another guy there had on a Speedo, which was very small and I asked if those really helped guys or not. She said they really did. I told her that I had bought a suit that was like that but not as small more like tight shorts and that I had only worn them once at night. She thought I could.

Preschool swim class @ THE YMCA - Pike

I said that would be fine and she asked if 9pm worked fine. She also said that since it would just be us there that I should wear that swimsuit I was talking about. I showed up on Friday atwent into the locker room and got into my smaller swimsuit that I mentioned.

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I put a towel around myself and headed to the pool area. It was clearing out and there were two kids there and they were leaving. Kim was there with them but not in the water. She was on the side and had on a shirt and shorts from what I could see. Right about 9, she came back out. It was just us two in the pool area and I think just us in the building.

Since her parents owned the place, she was the one working that night. She asked if I was ready and if I wore my suit that I was talking about. I took off the towel and showed it to her. It was really tight on me but it was supposed to be.

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You could easily see the outline of my penis and it really hugged my butt, too. She smiled and said she liked it.

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She then said that she, too, was wearing a different suit. She took off her shirt and had on a bikini top. She removed her shorts and had on some string bikini bottoms. She looked amazing. Somehow she was tan all over and had no visible tan lines anywhere. We got into the water and reviewed some things.

To revisit those times, perhaps the best you can do is talk with older relatives. Or you can watch the movie, Heaven Help Us, which includes a nude swimming class in a Catholic high school in Brooklyn during the mids. Evangelical protestant schools did not arise until after the nude swim class era was over. Watch Naked Swimming Class porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Naked Swimming Class scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. boys were naked, girls wore swim suits. from what I remember, a coach of the visiting team would make the decision if we had to wear swim suits or not. but when our team was asked, we always requested to be nude. during my time in school, it was a rule for boys to swim naked and girls to wear swimsuits. but we didn't look at it like a rule.

She had me float on my back and wanted me to keep my head back. Evidently I had a bad habit of lifting my head too much. She supported me again and this time had her hands all over my butt. It felt good. It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ban.

If you see comments in violation of our community guidelinesplease report them. The lengths to which Greece schools have gone to spare teenage students the anxiety of changing clothes for gym class has men of a certain generation shaking their heads. No running on the deck.

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No horseplay. No diving in the shallow end. Take a shower before swimming. Swim naked. No chewing gum. It may be inconceivable to anyone under 50, but nude swimming was standard for high school boys in Rochester and in many American cities and states until at least Girls, who swam separately from boys, were spared the indignity, although they have their own horror stories of school-issued swimsuits that clung like cellophane.

Once you got to the pool you just jumped in. When the practice ended is almost as much of a mystery as why it began. Nude swimming in gym class, it seems, was like what happens in Vegas: It stayed in gym class. Did the school board know it was happening? Did parents? But Democrat and Chronicle archives contain no mention of it.

The practice appears rooted in the opening of the first indoor pool in the United States in at the Brooklyn YMCA, which was then for men only.


Inthe American Public Health Association published the first guide for swimming pool management. After that, it was a matter of custom. Andrew Saul, a nutritionist and author from Rochester, wrote of swimming nude at Charlotte High School as late as Perhaps school administrators thought nude swimming built cohesion between young men. Maybe it did.

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