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Learn How to Play Zero Suit Samus in Smash Bros Ultimate

Samus is the galaxy's most famous bounty hunter, constantly helping the Galactic Federation in their fight against the Space Pirates. She has appeared in all five Super Smash Bros. Samus made her first appearance in Metroid for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game kept the fact that she was a woman secret with the intent of surprising gamers after they completed it ; even the game's instruction manual refers to Samus as a male. Though believed to be created by Gunpei Yokoi , the original game concepts for Metroid were done by director Makoto Kanoh and designer Hiroji Kiyotake.

Samus also becomes aware of the Deleter, thought to be James Pierce, killing the other members of the 07th Platoon as well as civilians in order to prevent the Federation's dark secrets from leaking out of the Bottle Ship.

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Samus eventually comes across Sector Zero, the source of the unfreezable Metroids. Adam offers up his own life, sacrificing himself to disconnect Sector Zero from the Bottle Ship and destroying it.

MB is also brought down by a tear-struck Madeline, who freezes MB with a discarded freeze gun before another Federation strike force gun the android down. Madeline is almost taken into Federation custody as the 07th Platoon is believed completely destroyed and Samus, being an outsider, has no say in the matter. Thankfully, Anthony survived his earlier attack scuffle with Ridley and as a confirmed survivor of Adam's team, is allowed to escort Madeline to safety along with Samus.

In Metroid FusionSamus is assigned to collect samples of life on SR where she is infected by an X parasite. Her suit must be surgically removed because of its biological components that only Samus can take off and she had crashed into an asteroid because of the parasite, leaving her unconscious and unable to take off the suit by herself.

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Granted a new gunship, a new power suit and an AI commanding officer she nicknames "Adam" after her old superior, Samus is sent to the BSL Research Station to investigate an explosion in the Quarantine Bay. The station is revealed to have been almost entirely taken over by the X Parasites, who have also created a doppelganger of Samus called the SA-X. Furthermore the Federation are onc emore cloning Metroids.

To compound things, the X are also learning at an alarming rate, and are planning to lure the Federation there to infect them and thus gain access to the entire galaxy. Samus resolves to self-destruct the station, though to her shock, her AI commander begins to show signs of Adam's old personality, convincing Samus to instead send the station hurtling into SR, destroying the station and the X and the planet itself in one fell swoop.

Although Samus has saved the galaxy from the X, her actions the destruction of the BSL station, SR and the Federation's Metroid cloning program have made her a criminal fugitive and an enemy of the Federation. Samus makes her first appearance in the original Super Smash Bros.

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Samus is a heavy, yet floaty character. Her B move is the Charge Shot. Samus can fire small blasts but they do little damage, however if she charges it to full power, it is quite devastating. Her B Up is the Screw Attack which causes Samus to shoot up in the air, spinning her around very fast.

Her B Down is the Bomb which can be used as a recovery if timed correctly. However, Samus is considered the lowest ranked character in the game due to her lack of combo attacks. Samus's skills have been tweaked, as her B Forward move is now the Missile. Samus's tier rank is higher than the previous game due to her improved projectiles and edgeguarding capabilities. By tradition, Samus as a playable character is featured on her personal 3 trophies. Her normal trophy is acquired by beating the Classic mode with Samus on any difficulty, and her Smash Red and Smash Blue trophies are acquired the same way by beating the Adventure and All-Star modes, respectively.

The only other trophy that features Samus is the Samus Unmasked trophy.

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However, this trophy is only obtainable via special events or by hacking. Samus returns in Brawlwith a generalized design drawing cts from multiple Metroid games.

She appears to essentially be the same fighter she was in Meleebut Samus also has a brand new ability. In Brawlher Varia Suit color can be changed so it resembles some of her other suits, like the Fusion Suit or Dark Suit, but retains the Varia Suit's shape and strength. When her suit color is changed in such a way, her Zero Suit color also becomes slightly different and has different markings on the back. Samus has many trophies about her, including her main one that is awarded each time the Classic mode is completed with Samus on any difficulty.

Samus returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Her armor's design is altered to match the design used in Metroid: Other M rather than Super Metroid. In this game, she is a standalone character and can no longer transform into Zero Suit Samus. Gameplay-wise, Samus has been buffed as some of her KO moves have gained more power along with her multi-hitting moves now being able to connect more reliably.

Her moves were slightly buffed and she can charge her Charge Shot midair. I'm bringing it back or at least trying to! Need some cosmetics? If you have the other version, you will have a good rig but, that's not important My Smash Ultimate Ridley is a good example. Originally it would have just been a recolour but thanks to ely, he was able to import the federation helmet so now it looks a bit more like a federation suit. However at the moment it lacks Metal materials.

Also includes the. Pretty happy with the result, also managed to fix the helmet thanks to Wumb0.

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Otherwise, click "No" or close this dialog. Her neutral specialCharge Shotdoes great knockback at higher percentages and is a deadly projectile for edgeguarding, when fully charged. Her up special, Screw Attack gives her decent vertical height, is a good out of shield option and can trap opponents for damage racking.

Her down special, Bombmakes Samus shift into morph ball mode and lays a bomb, which will explode after a set time period. Her grab has great range, but it is laggy if she fails to grab an opponent although performing a dash grab can remedy this.

In the air, her Grapple Beam can damage opponents and can be used as a tether recovery. Samus works best when transitioning well from the air to the ground. None of Samus's aerials have landing lag, with her forward and up aerials having no knockback except at the final hit. Samus can capitalize on this by canceling into more powerful moves like her forward smash and down tiltor by using a fully charged Charge Shot in the event the opponent is a bit too far away.

Missiles also factor into the air to ground transition; landing immediately after the missile has been fired negates the significant firing lag, so one can immediately follow up with another missile of either kind.

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This lag negation allows for a "double missile" effect where Samus can fire one missile, land, and almost immediately fire another. A Missile Charge Shot combination is an excellent combo, but can sometimes be predictable, so Samus mains must learn to launch them unexpectedly. Her aerial Grapple Beam "zair" actually acts as a move to complement this strategy, stunning opponents from far away with high speed, and also cancels immediately upon landing, which can combo into a down tilt or smash.

Coupled with the Charge Shot's potency, Samus has no problem frustrating opponents from a safe distance, chipping away at her opponent's approach to best suit her.

Although Samus has three different projectiles, she still lacks a reliable way to deal with opponents' projectiles especially since her shield roll is very slow slowest in the game.

Samus' major problem lies in her extreme lack of finishing abilities. Her quickest KO move is her down tilt. Her only way to KO at lower damage percentages is using either the down aerial for meteor smashes or juggling with her back aerial.

Unfortunately, the back aerial telegraphs itself, has a tiny sweet spotand requires good setup, while the down aerial is rather slow and has a sweeping hitbox that also needs good placement, despite its fairly large hitbox.

All in all, Samus can be a character of good and bad situations with her wide array of projectiles and a fairly powerful meteor smash. A huge problem in competitive play is that Samus is easily chain grabbed due to her heavy weight and large size with the exception of chain grabs that are ineffective on very floaty characters, and can be infinite chain-grabbed by King Dedede.

Samus Aran

Finally, given Samus' problem with KOing and opponents' difficulty in KOing her, high-level matches involving Samus tend to take awhile, making time limitations in a match a crucial factor as well.

When making the transition from Melee to BrawlSamus has received a mix of buffs and nerfs but was nerfed overall. She had inherited good buffs with the most obvious of these being the fact that she is now tied to Zero Suit Samus.

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She can either start of the match as Zero Suit Samus or the player can quickly input up and down taunt to transform mid match which allows the player to easily adapt to different matchups as Zero Suit Samus is superior to her regular counterpart in almost every way.

As for Samus' more direct buffs, her mobility has improved especially in the air although the removal of wavedashing does hinder her ground movement despite its improvements. Her multi hit moves are also more reliable and her grab aerial has been significantly improved.

While it is less useful for recovering as with all grab aerials, this does not hurt her as much as Link. In addition, it now travels in a straight consistent arc, it has a stronger sweetspot, it has more favorable knockback and it now has minimal landing lag making it an excellent spacing and combo tool.

However she has received some significant nerfs to both her overall damage output and more importantly, her KO power. Her projectiles are considerably weaker especially her Super Missiles which are no longer a viable KO option at all making her overall zoning game weaker. Many of her moves have also seen drastic nerfs to their power to the point where they are no longer a viable kill option at all such as her aforementioned Super Missiles as well as her neutral aerial.

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One of Samus' strongest KO options is her back aerial and even it is weaker than in Melee and it still requires the sweetspot to hit in order to reliably KO. Samus' frame data is also worse and she lost many of her more useful advanced techniques mainly her Extended grapple and Super Wavedash. As such, her buffs do not make up for the more severe nerfs she received, making her a significantly less effective character than in Melee.

If a player rapidly alternates the up and down taunts, Samus will transform into Zero Suit Samus in mid-match.

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However, this is risky, as Samus must undergo the lag after the Power Suit disengages. Samus has a poor matchup spread overall. She only hard counters Ganondorfcounters 2 characters, soft counters 3 characters, has 8 even matchups, gets soft countered by 6 characters, countered by 11, and hard countered by 5.

Samus does well against characters she can zone out with her projectiles, such as Bowser and Ganondorf, and has decent matchups against some mid tier characters, such as PeachToon Link and R.

However, Samus struggles against characters who can reflect her projectiles, like Fox and Falco ; and characters who can chain grab her, like King Dedede and the Ice Climbers. Samus's significant nerfs severely compromised her ability to viably compete since the very beginning of Brawl ; her inability to rack up damage quickly and effectively finish off stocks proved to be a fatal combination.

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As such, Samus has perpetually been a low tier character, who has sometimes even dropped into the bottom tiers. Throughout Brawl' s time as a competitive game, Samus never made any significant rises on the tier list due to her lack of any successful tournament results or significant metagame advancement. Despite this, Samus's competitive prospects are slightly better than other low tier characters.

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