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Soul later became a death's weapon after claiming the witch's soul of Arachne Gorgon during the battle with Arachnophobia. Soul was part of a wealthy family of musicians known as the Evans and was known for his skill with the piano though he suffered from the assumption he'd never live up to his older brother Wes ' skill with music. He later learned of his weapon heritage and joined the DWMA shortly thereafter. Soul's attitude is laid-back and nonchalant at the start of the series, as he tries to mold himself to his expectations of how someone "cool" would act. He is almost the complete opposite of Maka Albarn, being reserved and aloof.

Ox, Kirikou, and Kim decide to stay behind and take care of the forces opposing them with their Weapon partners. The first thing they notice when they enter the vortex is that the vortex contains a holographic dimension that constantly replays what had happened on the island moments before the explosion.

They see Shinigami, and sees that he looks a little different as he does now. The group hurries on towards a giant temple, which is evidently the Witch's research facility. When they reach it, they notice a large mass of Witches leaving the area - one of them being Arachne. They hear Arachne speak about blowing up the island and everything relating to Brew. The group proceed and soon meet Marie and Stein.

Because Marie and Stein are staying too long in the vortex, they are slowly becoming a hologram themselves. The students decide that they will take on the mission of retrieving Brew, as they persuade Stein and Marie to retreat.

They eventually bump into Mosquitowho is carrying Brew. He then reverts to his form from years ago and prepares to battle them. Before the battle can start, though, a hologram of Eibon appears. Maka follows suit and, eventually, Kid brings himself to ignore Eibon and attacks Mosquito, too.

None of their attacks, however, are penetrating the tough hide of Mosquito. Mosquito then uses his immense strength to overpower them. Soul begins to realize the gravity of the situation they are in. Little Ogre appears and attempts to goad Soul into releasing the Black Blood. Soul is worried it may spread to his teammates but Little Ogre assures him otherwise.

Soul then commands the attention of his teammates - telling them to perform a Chain Resonance, with sound as the medium. Soul will play the piano in his soul, which will transmit directly into their souls, creating a rhythm that everyone can follow to create a Resonance.

Everyone suddenly starts to laugh. Soul, confused, asks them why they are laughing, and they tell him that they have finally got him to play the piano for them. Soul smiles and enters the Black Room again.

Little Ogre assures him that his piano is tuned and ready for him. Soul plays the piano - giving everyone a rush of power, and enabling them to maneuver around each other flawlessly and connect their attacks one after the other.

They are easily able to overcome Mosquito with both their speed and strength. Before they can finish him off, Soul ceases his playing, advising them to leave as their time limit for staying in the vortex is almost up. He tells them that Mosquito will be able to stay longer since he can make himself younger. Little Ogre, frustrated that Soul had stopped using his power, throws him a bitter comment.

Everyone has no choice but to leave. Mosquito, impressed by their skills, allows them to escape. On their way out, they meet up with Kirikou and Ox with their partners, who help escort them out of the field. They leave and watch how the research facility is destroyed by an explosion, though that, too, is a hologram from years past. When they exit the vortex they are greeted by a distraught Marie, who makes a move to strike them out of anger, but then instead hugs them all for making it out safe, but soon threatens that they will all have a talking with her back at the DWMA.

Maka calls Shinigami and reports in on the failed mission. While walking, Maka wonders if her friends are all right after the battle for Brew. Soul replies that they should be since they are much tougher than him or Maka. Maka then remembers that she had left her notebook in the classroom. She tells Soul to go home and boil the rice as she heads back. When Maka returns to the apartment, Soul notices how late she is and that she has not got her notebook.

He senses that something is wrong. Although some of them try to look on the bright side, Soul bluntly states that it does not matter as it is a fact that they have lost the battle.

However, he is dragged into training by an enthusiastic Maka, who wants to try to use Majin Hunt again. Although reluctant at first, he soon becomes focused on the training, and even though they fail to use Majin Hunt, he reassures Maka that if they had done it once, they can do it again.

The two see him training, and decide to leave him alone. He joins his other friends, along with Crona on a picnic, in which he seems to notice their strange behavior. However, they run away, with the intent on finding a place where no one can find them. When Crona disappears, he questions Maka on whether she had noticed that Crona had started acting strange, as if they had felt that they did not belong in the DWMA. Despite his slightly accusing tone, he helps Maka find Crona on his motorcycle, and brings Crona back to the the DWMA, where they are quickly apprehended for being a spy for Medusa, despite Maka's protests.

During her imprisonment, Maka and Soul visit her cell, where Maka screams at Medusa for hurting Crona so much. However, Medusa is unmoved by her words, which angers her more. Soul calms his Meister down, and tells her that it is not worth talking to Medusa. He leads her away, after telling Medusa to enjoy her new cell. However, later on, even he cannot repress his shock as he finds that Medusa is being released by the DWMA.

In Maka and Soul's apartment, Soul wishes Maka a goodnight. Maka pays him no mind, preoccupied with her thoughts of Crona. Soul senses something amiss and asks her if something is wrong. Maka responds with a yes. Soul asks if it is something he should know about. Maka says she will tell him tomorrow. Soul tells her to take her time and leaves her alone. Soul and Kirikou pause in thought at this. Irritated, Maka takes the mission, whilst Soul comments that she hates to lose.

The mission takes Maka and Soul to Bor-7 Factory in Russia, to solve an incident taking place there, which require pairs with Soul Perception. Thus, Maka is paired up with Death the Kid and his partners. Blair also tags along. After being abandoned by Death the Kid, who is unable to enter the factory's asymmetrical entrance due to being crippled by his obsessive compulsions, Maka, Soul, and Blair are forced to search the building alone.

During their search, they are ambushed by the Flying Dutchman but Blair is able to save the group and she then proceeds to follow him as he makes his escape. It is at this point that the Clown is first mentioned, being stated as 'the one who will give the people their freedom.

Maka begins to sense the similarity between the Clown's soul and that of Asura's, how this one is small yet absorbing and sucking in everything.

Before she can deduce anymore, the Clown attacks and a large battle ensues. Eventually the Clown's soul begins to affect Maka and she is sucked into its madness and any efforts to save her are blocked as pipes surround the pair. Maka is forced to see visions of the deaths of her friends and family, in an attempt to drag her deeper into the madness. Soul desperately tries to reach her, and manages to do so by using his Soul Wavelength.

He appears in Maka's mind, both of them dressed as they are in the Black Room. Soul asks her to sit by a piano and explain to her that the songs he plays are of madness. Maka protests that she likes his music. Soul says that insanity gives people strength, but it is the strength that one acquires when they endure the madness that is truly interesting.

Maka replies that this power is courage. Soul suggests that they should let Crona know of this too. Soul then takes her hand and tells her to let him listen to her soul. Maka places her finger on a piano note at random, and plays a G note. Her newfound courage through Soul's Wavelength manages to free her from the Clown's madness. Soul grins and says that a G note is perfect for Maka.

The two resume their battle. This new found courage causes Maka's abilities to evolve and now being faced with Majin Hunteven at full strength; the Clown's abilities are no match. It is eventually defeated but before its soul can be consumed, it disappears in a shower of ribbons. Maka and Soul return from their mission, meeting with Kirikou, Harvar and Ox, who are shirtless. The two ask them why they are not wearing their shirts and Kirikou explains that they had tried to fight the giantbut then had ended up dancing around naked around a campfire with it instead.

Soul wishes that he had gone with them as their mission had sounded much more fun than his and Maka's. Maka protests that their mission had not been that boring since they have learnt a new move. As she and Ox discuss Majin Hunt, Kirikou and Soul, bored with their conversation, start talking about a musical instrument Kirikou had found during his mission.

After some brief talking, Kim and Jacqueline arrive, too. They are soon surrounded by numerous officials, who know that Kim is a Witch. When one attempts to arrest them, the two take off. Soul watches the two along with the others. As Nygus tells everyone of Kim being a Witch, Soul offers to go along with Kirikou in searching for her.

Maka secretly uses her father's ID to visit the captured Medusa in her prison cell. She asks Soul to come with her.

At the door of the cell, she asks Medusa of Crona's whereabouts, though Medusa fails to give her any answer relating to the question, only aggravating Maka even more.

Soul decides that it is best to just leave and leads his Meister away, after telling Medusa to enjoy her new cell.

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Sid reveals to the students of their plan to infiltrate Arachne's base, Baba Yaga's Castleand requests that they work with Medusa on the mission.

Soul is shocked by this proposition and decides to back down. However, Maka tells him that it might be best to work with the Witch since she can tell them about Crona. Death the Kid and Liz and Patti are also chosen to be Medusa's bodyguards. After the operation details are discussed, they proceed with the mission, towards South America in the Amazon River Basin.

Soul Eater

During the trek, they come across a lake polluted by magic due to Arachne's Demon Tool production. Fire and Thunder begin to cry since their Earth Shaman powers directly transmits nature's grief to them. Medusa suggests that the sound of the Earth would probably sound like the babbling of children, as she cannot imagine it sounding like anything else. Soul retorts with a snide comment, asking Medusa how she can say such kind things after messing up the world by releasing Asura.

They are then attacked by a large squid-like creaturea once normal creature of the rainforest that had mutated because of Arachne's magic pollution. Thanks to Medusa's assistance, they manage to defeat them. They soon enter the castle by walking through underground tunnels. Medusa soon meets one of the Mizune family, who tells them that Kim and Jacqueline are with Arachnophobia, much to everyone's shock. Medusa explains how Arachne draws in followers with kind words, which are only used as a set up to make them obey her.

Soul compares Arachnophobia to an evil cult and comments that the people tricked into joining Arachnophobia also have something wrong with them to join such an organization. As the group camp out in the tunnels, Maka uses the opportunity to interrogate Medusa about Crona.

Medusa states that the reason she is waging war against Arachne is because Arachne had took Crona to be used as a sacrifice.

Maka believes this. When she returns to Soul, he reminds her not to place too much trust on Medusa. The next day, they continue and soon meet Erukawho gives them Arachnophobia uniforms to disguise in. When the group make it into the center of the castle, they find that everyone is dressed exactly as they are. Soon, they all become confused and eventually lose each other - each getting into their own trouble, Soul in particular. Having to pretend that he cannot see Angela during her invisibility magic although he can easily see her hands and the large stick she is wieldinghe ends up being hit painfully in between the legs by the Witch, with Kid soon following.

To his relief, he manages to reunite with everyone. Medusa begins to discuss the plan.

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They are to take down the eight locks preventing people from entering Arachne's throne room. Each lock is located in each of the eight towers of the castle's 'legs'. After performing Vector Conduct on them, Medusa leaves them to follow the arrows pointing to their respective lock. Kid is given Tower Eight. Maka chooses to act as Medusa's bodyguard in Kid's stead, stating that, if Medusa does anything untoward, she will not hesitate to attack her.

Maka, Soul, and Medusa continue on.

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Although Medusa tells them to trust her, Soul remains cold towards her. He expresses his doubts to Maka, who ignores him and tells him to stop making a fuss. Frustrated, Soul inaudibly says that he is only worrying about her. The three are next seen in front of the door leading to Arachne's room.

With all the locks destroyed by the others, the throne room opens. Maka uses the opportunity to sense for Crona's Soul Wavelength. She is interrupted, though, when Arachne's magic spider thread spell assaults them.

Everyone is seen attached to the strings, looking like puppets. Soul collapses on the floor, unable to get up as a puppet without strings. Little Ogre appears out of his shadow and mocks Soul, telling him that his current state suits the person he really is, and not the 'cool' person he so pretends to be.

Soul recalls past moments with his brother, Wes, a violinist, and how he had felt he would never be as good as his brother as a musician. He remembers how he had used his abilities as a Demon Weapon to escape from his inferiority. Little Ogre then reminds him of Soul's positive traits, of being an intelligent individual being able to make difficult judgments at such a young age. But he quickly jeers at him, saying that he decides on his actions only by eliminating every other alternative action as worthless.

He asks Soul what he wants to do now, but Soul cannot answer. He forsakes Soul, leaving him helpless and calling him a coward for choosing a path to follow through simple elimination, having no clear decision on a path himself. Soul begins to cry for help. As he does this, an image of Arachne above him begins to pull him upward by threads, comforting him.

Soul is elated and believes he has been saved. Maka gives Soul a Maka Chop, 'cutting' the strings and freeing Soul from the illusion. As Maka helps him up, Soul thinks to himself on how he had always been indecisive in the past, but sees that he is different from then, and promises to become stronger, for Maka's sake, as she has always helped him through the darkness. They then enter the room.

Maka uses her Soul Perception to locate Arachne. When they find her, though, Arachne is seen on the floor, lifeless. Soul asks Maka what she thinks of the situation. She replies that she can feel the madness flowing through the room. Suddenly, the darkness begins to spread and attack the three.

The darkness reveals itself to be Arachne, who had abandoned her body to fuse with insanity itself. Medusa tries to contain her using her Vector Arrows, but fails. Medusa and Arachne then begin to communicate, with each insulting the other. The conversation ends with Arachne performing a mental attack that immediately defeats Medusa.

After that, Arachne begins to attack Maka. Despite Maka's attempts, all her attacks seem to just flow through Arachne, due to her formless state. Maka and Soul both agree that they should use Majin Hunt. Maka soon notices that Arachne is trying to overcome everyone in the vicinity, including Maka's friends, with madness.

Soul wonders why the insanity is not affecting him. Maka tells Soul to spread her Anti-Demon Wavelength throughout the castle to everyone. Soul tries to figure out how to spread her Wavelength through such a distance. However, seeing Arachne's magic webs in the Black Room, Soul hatches an idea. He proposes spreading Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength with his piano by using the spider webs like a string instrument, spreading the Wavelength using the threads as a medium.

Little Ogre comments that he only plays the piano, to which Soul replies, 'Don't you know? My brother's a violinist. Since it starts on a G note, it would be perfect for transmitting her Wavelength. He compels everyone to listen to 'Maka's melody. They even manage to transmit the Anti-Demon Wavelength to Arachne, attacking her and forcing her to sever the network. Whilst doing so, Soul ends up accidentally activating his Black Blood, which now forms around Maka in the form of a black dress.

Soul assures her that it is nothing major to worry about, and that the dress will act as an armor. They decide to take advantage of it before it wears off and attack Arachne. The dress protects Maka from Witch's attacks. With a powerful move coupled with an armor, Maka is able to reach Arachne and deliver a powerful swipe, killing Witch. Maka's attention is quickly changed to Crona's whereabouts.

She then notices Medusa's body, but senses a normal soul instead of a Witch Soul. She then senses Medusa and turns her attention to Arachne's body, which is now possessed by Medusa. Maka is immediately attacked by her.

Soul immediately rushes to her aid. Medusa reveals that she had used Crona as an incentive for Maka's cooperation. Medusa then states that Maka's abilities are a threat to her and the world's progress to insanity. Before Medusa can finish Maka, she is attacked by Enrique. Medusa takes him up on the advice and leaves. Before leaving, Maka asks where Crona is. Medusa tells her to give up, going on to say that the Crona she knows no longer exists and that she will never give Crona up.

Maka punches the ground in anger and laments on how she had believed in Medusa all the way. Soul offers her a comforting hand. Soul tells him to keep Mifune's death a secret from Angela. He calms down and accepts the fact. After the fall of Arachnophobia, Soul and Maka resume their hunt for Evil human souls. Soul is in Weapon form with Maka, preparing to engage in battle against Frey D. Maka easily defeats the Evil human, and Soul claims his final Evil human soul needed for the Death Scythe transformation.

Stein reveals the new group's name, Spartoiis Greek for, 'the sown,' a horde of warriors born from dragon's teeth set loose to combat insanity. Soul questions why the name had been changed from Shibu-Kid's Squad to Spartoi. Shinigami answers that Stein had thought that the name would not work wonders for morale. The other members of Spartoi join them, as Soul, drooling and with a smirk on his face, consumes Arachne's soul and becomes a Death Scythe, signaling the birth of the elite student group, Spartoi.

Arachne soon starts to spread the Kishin's madness using machines spread out across the world, and the sky turns red because of Asura's Wavelength. When Tsubaki asks him where Maka is, Soul grumpily replies that she is at home, locking herself up in her room, confused and depressed about what it happening. He makes a bet, saying that whoever scores a basket will defeat Asura. In the end, Maka scores the basket.

However, their fun is short-lived as Kid and the Thompson sisters come to inform them that Medusa had made a deal with Shinigami, trading in the whereabouts of Arachne for her freedom. Soon, the preparations for infiltrating Arachne's castle gets under way. Soul prepares for the assault, but Maka is still torn on what to do as she really wants to help find Stein.

Maka retains her depressed mood, which annoys Soul, up to the point he angrily tells her to do what she wants to do. His words clear Maka's head, and she chooses to help Marie, Crona and Stein. After calming Maka down as she had gone running in a random direction, the two decide to use Soul Resonance to boost her Soul Perception powers in order to find Stein and the others. Soul is skeptical about this, but complies. The plan works and they are able to find Stein, Marie, Crona and Medusa.

The two arrive just in time to protect Crona from a blow by Medusa. Maka angrily attacks Medusa, taking in to no account of the deal she had made with the the DWMA, and her brash tactics annoy Soul. Soul uses his piano to make a Chain Resonance with Crona and Marie, and try to bring the insane Stein back to normal and to defeat Medusa. However, when Crona takes a blow from Medusa to protect Maka, she flies into a rage, and inadvertently activates the Black Blood.

Soul tries to stop her from giving way to her negative emotions, but cannot reach her as the Black Room starts filling with the Black Blood, with Little Ogre saying it is futile. He is almost swallowed by the Black Blood, still telling Maka to stop. However, Maka's enraged attacks create an opening in Stein's defense, which gives Marie an opportunity to use her Wavelength to free him from the insanity. Maka soon returns to normal, and the Black Blood is controlled.

With Stein back on their side, Maka and Soul decide to use Majin Hunt to kill Medusa without harming the human that she had taken possession of. On the way, they watch, dumbstruck as Death City, which had turned into a giant robot, attacks Baba Yaga's Castle. Soul uses his piano to make a Chain Resonance, but their attacks have little effect on Asura, even with Maka's Majin Hunt.

Soul uses too much of his power and is devoured by Little Ogre and the Black Blood. To stop himself from being completely consumed, however, he cuts off his soul from his body, which makes him fall into a state of unconsciousness, leaving his soul trapped in a small box inside him.

Maka decides to go inside his soul to free him. Little Ogre disguises himself as Soul and tries to tempt Maka into opening the box which contains Soul, telling her that inside the box is his courage, which will help him break through his imprisonment.

Soul tries to tell Maka not to open the box, but he cannot be heard from inside the it. However, to his relief, Maka sees through Little Ogre's tricks, but still decides to open the box anyway to save him, much to his distress.

She opens the box but manages to save Soul from the Black Blood. After being saved, Soul calls Maka an idiot, but goes on to say that she is a really cool partner.

Little Ogre, having lost his power, fears that Soul will erase him, but Soul instead accepts him as a part of himself and swallows him whole, much to Maka's disgust.

The two proceed to fight him with Majin Hunt, which proves ineffective. They summon all of their power and activate Kishin Hunt but even that proves to be ineffective against Asura. Maka ends up wide open to Asura's attack, but Soul shields her from it, asking his Meister if she is all right before losing consciousness. However, later on, as Maka starts to frighten Asura with the idea of courage, Soul wakes up to cheer her on. After Asura is defeated, and the sky returns to normal, Soul is seen looking up at Maka, and says that she is amazing to have defeated Asura on her own.

Death the Kid soon asks Soul if he is all right, and goes on to say that although Maka had saved them this time, another Kishin may arise, as long as negative thoughts remain in this world. However, Maka goes on to tell them that when that happens, they will be there to stop it, and that negative thoughts are not the only things that exist, and says that courage will always be in their souls.

Soul smiles at her along with everyone else. He is later seen in the credits back at their flat with Maka, Blair and Crona. He ends up getting a nosebleed because of Blair and subsequently gets punched by Maka. After becoming a Death Scythe, Soul begins to understand what exactly this means.

He and Maka watch Kim flying on Jacqueline with Marie. Maka suggests that because Soul is a Death Scythe now, he should be able to fly too. Marie objects, telling them that becoming a Death Scythe is not something so simple. She continues, that the advanced Wavelength control that a Death Scythe obtains from a Witch's soul can grant magical abilities. If Maka can use the Grigori form her soul takes and imply it with Soul's new abilities, they may be able to manifest wings. Maka becomes infatuated by the idea of being an angel.

Soul, however, is rather half-hearted, much to her annoyance. Spirit then joins them in their training. In beginning the training, Soul transforms into his Weapon form, which is slightly different now that he is a Death Scythe. They are then told that their souls must be synchronized in order to complete the task.

They must both focus on the same image, which is the image of Kim flying. While doing this, the scythe blade on Soul shrinks.

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Marie explains that form manipulation is basic for a Death Scythe and that they must have decided that a long blade will not be efficient for flight. Soul and Maka concentrate on the image of wings, and sharp blade-like wings appear near the blade of Soul's Weapon form.

The two float up into the air, and it appears that they are succeeding, until Spirit eagerly tells Soul to think of Maka as an angel.

Slightly unnerved by this demand, Soul ends up thinking of the negative things about Maka, such as her wild temper. Maka then starts spinning upside down in circles until they both fall on top of each other. The two argue about whose fault it is. Maka then rants about how she had wanted angel wings instead of the spiky ones that had appeared. They argue again which leads to Maka wishing to be partnered with Ox, since he calls Kim an angel all the time.

Soul does not understand this especially because Ox is a Meister. They are then later called by Spirit to discuss something.

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Soul is seen once again with Maka practicing flying with Kim and Jacqueline. Soul appears to have given into Maka's demand, as he has now small angel wings on his Weapon form. Although Maka is pleased with this, the speed achieved in this form is rather slow, much to Soul's dismay. Prior to this, Spirit had spoken to the two about the many enemies they have, such as the Witches more specifically Medusathe new group Noah has formed, and the Kishin.

Spirit warns them that they too aim to take out talented people on their side, meaning Maka is also a target. Maka's advanced Soul Perception and her Anti-Demon Wavelength is the reason for her being targeted, and that it is their trump card against the Kishin.

Maka accuses her father of only worrying about her ability, and promptly leaves. A desperate Spirit asks Soul to watch over Maka. Soul reluctantly agrees. Back to present time, Soul tells Maka that he believes her father cares more about her safety than her ability. Maka assures him that she knows that. They then continue on talking about the many responsibilities they have still to do, such as saving Kid. Soul remarks however that they are not yet ready and Maka becomes extremely surprised.

However, before she can reply, she senses another force approaching and urges Kim to head on without them.

Gopher then appears in the sky, armed and ready to kill Maka. The three engage in battle, Gopher overwhelming Soul and Maka with his tremendous speed. Not too soon after, Gopher charges up a powerful attack in the center of his chest, aimed at Maka. Soul and Maka manage to dodge the attack with the mountain behind taking the impact. Soul remarks that Gopher is not ordinary and Maka explains that Gopher also has the same Grigori Soul as she does, but filled with evil magic. Gopher then launches another barrage of attacks at the two.

Soul and Maka attempt to attack but are once again outmatched in speed and they are hit by Gopher's attacks. Gopher mocks Maka for her being so weak, and wonders why Noah is willing to go to such trouble to acquire her. Soul begins to talk about their difference in speed and that it may be helpful if they bring the fight to the ground.

Maka recalls Soul's words that they are not yet ready, and fueled with new determination, tells Soul to change their wings. Soul complies with a smirk. The two perform a Soul Resonance, creating stronger wings, and prepare to continue the fight. With the new wings and a newly resolved Maka, Soul is confident in Maka winning the battle.

Gopher, now aware of Maka's true power, becomes intensely jealous of how Noah 's attention is always focused on her, and attacks. The new set of wings allow Maka to easily evade Gopher's Bullet Wings to secure both a punch and a Witch-Hunt, enraging Gopher as she wounds him. With the hits connecting, Soul expresses tacit glee and for the first time calls Maka an angel.

Angered that his body has been damaged, Gopher releases his stomach cannon again, specifically infused with his hatred of Maka. Soul recommends that Maka gains distance between them. His advice is useless though, because the ball of energy has the ability to track down the person to whom Gopher's hatred is directed towards.

With this realization, both Maka and Soul agree to use Majin Hunt. In doing so, Maka manages to cut through the blast and, in continuing their attack, manages to cut Gopher, too.

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The wound is superficial however, which prompts Soul to question Maka's reason for not killing Gopher. Maka replies that Gopher is not on Shinigami's list. However, Marie soon arrives and reprimands them, taking them to the Death Room. Soul asks if it is acceptable for Witches to saunter around the streets. Maka answers by telling him that Marie is with them, so it must be under control. This does not stop their inquisitive minds, for Soul and Maka are seen hiding in a hallway, watching the closed door to the Death Room, to try and figure out what is going on.

The two eventually watch Marie storm out of the room in an angry fit. Soul soon wishes to leave, but Maka expresses her desire to stay. Soul suggests they do the same, but Maka states that it is much cooler to sneak around. Soul soon becomes bored and calls this a waste of time. Since he knows his Meister well, Soul is not that surprised when he hears that Maka is the one who had secretly borrowed the manuscript of the Book of Eibon from the Library using Spirit's ID card.

He supports Maka, saying that since he is a Death Scythe now, Maka would be allowed to take out Level 4 books anyway. When told about the Salvage mission, he expresses his determination along with Maka in saving Kid. Immediately after entering the book, they are greeted by the enigmatic Index in the Introduction of the book, who informs that they must traverse through the seven Chapters in the book before reaching Kid.

The group go on to the first Chapter, Lust. Immediately, the members of Spartoi have their genders reversed and take the appearance of what they deem to be most attractive in the opposite gender. Despite his comments early on in the manga that Soul would never be interested in a flat-chested woman like Maka, Soul Eater manga, Introduction 1 his lust-reflected appearance has a remarkably similar figure and face to his Meister.

Transformed, Soul appears as a female sporting long hair with a fluffy hairband visible beneath.

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He wears clothes similar to Maka's Spartoi outfit. Overall, his appearance resembles a rich schoolgirl and he adapts to personality of one, annoying Maka.

Soon, the Succubus appears and immediately, the newly transformed male Maka has a nosebleed. Soul is not too happy with this, and chastises Maka for getting a rise out of vulgar women. Blair soon transforms into her male counterpart, which the Succubus falls madly in love with. Blair uses the opportunity to attack and blow away the Succubus with a Halloween Cannon hot guy version. The page is flipped and the gang now find themselves in the second Chapter, Gluttony. They then realize that although their personalities have returned, they are still in their opposite genders.

The Table of Contents informs them that upon leaving the first Chapter, they will slowly return to their normal selves with the speed of the transformation depending on their sexual desire: the stronger a person's sexual desire, the slower they turn back.

Maka snidely comments that Soul would transform the slowest, to which Soul informs her of the nosebleed she had when seeing the Succubus. Soul tells The Table of Contents to move on to the next Chapter before they give in to the sin, starting to drool uncontrollably at the food. Unfortunately, Maka and Soul are separated when they move on to the third Chapter, Envy.

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He asks Maka if anything has happened to her. Maka wipes her tears, smiles as if nothing had happened, and asks if anything had happened to Soul.

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Soul gives her a half-hearted no, but he recalls his experience regarding Wes, who questions him on his decision to partner with Maka, by asking him if her inability to discern good music with bad is the reason he had become Maka's Weapon. Soul shouts a, 'No.

He reaches for Maka's hand so as to not lose each other again. In their next scene, Maka and Soul are in a room of only chairs and beds, meaning the chapter they are in is the sixth Chapter, Sloth. Maka, looking depressed, sits down on a chair and confides to him her feelings of ineptitude at being his Meister. She decides they should never fight as Weapon and Meister again. Soul is slightly unnerved by this sudden statement, and asks his partner why she is saying this. Maka reassures him that it is not his fault and that she is the one to blame.

Soul tells her not to talk nonsense just because of an illusion in a book. Maka then tells Soul that he must have seen something in the third chapter as well. Soul hesitates, as he remembers the mocking face of his older brother Wes. The illusory Wes had told Soul that after running away from music, his family and Wes himself, Soul had partnered with Maka because she did not know anything about music.

In this way, Soul would have been able to ease the jealousy he had for Wes. The illusion of Wes sneers at him, asking if Soul is relieved now because of this, and mockingly says that he is happy for him. Soul replies that he had not seen anything. However, before the conversation can continue, Giriko appears and attacks him, kicking him violently aside as he pins Maka on a bed.

Before Giriko can kill her, Soul kicks him in the face, causing him to retreat from Maka. Soul tells his Meister to quickly prepare for battle, and transforms into his Weapon form. However, despite his constant warnings, Maka fails to defend against Giriko due to her being still emotionally distressed from the Envy chapter.

Soul eater naked

Giriko, bored because that Maka is not putting up a fight, tells her that he will make this quick. Soul, realizing that Maka is in danger, turns into his human form, and to Maka's shock, tells her that he will fight Giriko on his own, as he turns his arm into a scythe blade. He charges and attacks Giriko, but is blown back by his Saw Foot.

can not with

Nevertheless, he stands his ground and attacks again and attempts to stab Giriko, who blocks easily and punches him in the face, jumps above him and deals the Death Scythe a cut in his shoulder with his Saw Foot.

Giriko continues mocking Soul for his inability to fight on the same level as him, as he kicks Soul, grabs his sleeve, and pushes his chainsaw blades into his chest. Soul screams in pain and is kicked back onto the floor by Giriko, in front of a speechless Maka. However, Soul gets back up. He voices his frustration in not being able to do anything for Maka.

However, he tells Giriko that this is not the courage that Maka had shown to him. Giriko starts as he senses the Death Scythe's soul suddenly flare up. Soul stands back up, telling Giriko that it is now his turn to show his own courage.

Maka, newly resolved, apologizes to Soul but he smiles and tells her that she does not need to say anything. The two then fight as a team, but Giriko is too powerful. Soul then goes into the Black Room to play his piano in order to use his Noise Cancelling ability to cancel Giriko's Soul Wavelength out, combining his powers with Arachne's abilities to spread Wavelengths through spider webs.

The plan works, but Giriko comes back as a female, using a new body as backup if anything happened to his old one.

He then cancels out Soul's piano, causing it to explode. Soul screams in pain. However, he still tries to defend Maka, kicking back Giriko when he has grabbed Maka's head. The situation grows worse as Maka gains more injuries and loses all control and admits her helplessness, thinking she will die. But, before Giriko can land anymore blows, his soul begins to rupture due to the fact that his soul cannot contain the eight hundred years of rage and anger. Giriko goes into a maniacal fit and charges after Maka, hoping to at least kill her.

However, Giriko's soul explodes before he reaches her, leaving him as an empty shell. Soul then carries the injured Maka on his back. The Black Mass soon after releases everyone from the Book of Eibon, and everyone lands rather inelegantly onto the battlefield, where Noah has currently defeated Sid, Nygus, Stein and Marie.

Supporting Maka, Soul looks on as everyone prepares to do battle against Noah and his monsters. They ask for Maka's help and activate their Insanity Wavelength. Soul asks her is she can do this. Maka replies that she has to and tells Soul to take on his Weapon form. Maka is in awe at their power but Soul reminds them that Noah will keep on summoning monsters for as long as needed.

After Noah's defeat, Gopher takes the book of Eibon and flees. Maka, unable to stop him, collapses, but luckily, Soul catches her in time. However, she gets a phone call informing her that Crona has been sighted in Moscow.

As Kim heals the soldiers affected by madness, Soul and Maka enter the area where Crona had been sighted. They find two large orbs of Black Blood containing Feodor and Tsar. However, the moment Soul touches the orbs; he becomes consumed by the insanity of the Black Blood and returns to everyone, dragging Maka by one of her pigtails, much to everyone's shock.

He yells that his scar hurts, and at that second, a giant crescent-shaped blade similar to Witch Hunter bursts out of his re-opened scar. Soul, now under the Black Blood's insanity, joyfully enjoys his new state of mind. As Maka asks him what is wrong with him, Soul merely states whilst grinning malevolently that he is only releasing the pain that he had been holding in for so long. Stein decides to fight Soul using Jacqueline, but Soul proves to be a dangerous opponent as his blade is able to penetrate Jacqueline even in Weapon form and wound Stein as well.

Soul marvels at his true powers as a Death Scythe. As Stein attempts to attack Soul before he can attack himself, Soul turns his blade into a keyboard and sends out sound waves made in order to drag Stein into insanity. Stein asks Maka what is happening to Soul and Maka replies that Soul has not completely sunk into the insanity, but is still fighting within himself. The story focuses on an honor student meister named Maka Albarn who is partnered with a scythe named Soul Eater Evans.

Together they aim to become a Death scythe and work together with the other groups in the academy such as Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki Nakatsukasa and even Death's son Death the Kid and his two guns Elizabeth Thompson and Patricia Thompson to fight against the evil schemes of the witches and other evil forces such as Medusa, Arachnophobia and the demon god Asura. Blair is introduced taking a Bubble Bath in her house's Clawfoot Bathtub and Singing with us first seeing her stretching her leg and having it washed by her magic Scrub Brush.

She then sits up with her breasts out and covered with soap suds asking her brush to scrub her back next. She leans against the edge of the Bathtub as her back is being washed while continuing to sing. Outside of Blair's house, Soul Eater Evans who is trying to find the soul of a witch to eat, jumps through the window intending to take Blair head on but then after crashing through the window see's that she is naked in the bathtub and loses focus and accidentally falls into the tub with her.

When Soul gets his head out of the water, he see's Blair bent over in his face telling him he's cute. Soul gets a nose bleed and then tells her that he's a cool guy and is used to seeing naked woman all the time, but Blair seems to doubt it because of his nose bleed. Maka Albarn comes in through the window and angrily kicks Soul out of the tub and afterwards Blair is now outside of the tub still naked and holding Soul under her breasts and to comfort him and see if he is alright.

Maka tells Blair that she and Soul are after her soul and then Blair quickly gets clothed and ready to fight. He hids behind a bunch of rocks and talks to himself saying his laws of the peeper which number 1 are to mask your emotions and sneak cautiously. After lifting his head over the rocks to look, he sees her Standing In The Bath with her back turned and yells "Woah!!

Tsubaki who can clearly hear him yelling to himself turns around and takes a shuriken out and covers her breasts with her other hand. She throws the shuriken at his forehead making him fall down and bleed and then tells him that he should atleast try to mask his presence if he is going to peep. Tsubaki is then seen wearing a Towel with a star on it and happily giving a thumbs up after Black Star gives one while laying on the floor and says that he is now dying and his presence is zero.

At the end of the chapter, Black Star peeps on Tsubaki again while she is having a Furo session at the Shibusen Public Bath where he still yells the laws of the peeper again making all the unnamed female bathers attempt to cover themselves yell at him. Tsubaki who is cover her breasts in the corner and holding a towel throws another shuriken at him and says that he never learns. In the last panel, Blair is shown in the bathtub learning over the edge saying that she is bored and wishes she could go to school like Maka and Soul.

Blair takes an Off Screen Bath and offers everyone at Maka and Soul's party if they want to take a bath with her and ends up dropping her Towel making Soul Eater Evans and Death the Kid to get nosebleeds. In a flashback, Elizabeth Thompson mentions to herself that since they will be coming along with Death the Kid who is rich, Both her and her younger sister Patricia Thompson can finally have nice dresses, food, soothing baths which were Off Screen and a bed.

Blair is introduced while having a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub in her house with a Rubber Duck between her breasts. She is shown Singing while controlling a Scrub Brush with her magic to scrub her legs and back. Outside the house, Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn plot to capture Blair's house and Soul rushes in breaking through the window landing in blairs bath Clothed Bathing between her breasts while she had her legs crossed. The second Soul takes his face out of Blairs breasts and gets a glimpse at them he has a nosebleed and tells her its nothing, hes a cool guy and used to seeing naked girls all the time.

Maka then appears in the bathroom where she kicks Soul out of the bathtub and tells Blair that they are after her soul where she then jumps out of the bathtub naked and magically gets dressed very quickly to battle.

The bottles were removed on the DVD releases of the episode. When Tsubaki Nakatsukasa was in weapon mode, her spirits naked body is shown rising out of something that looks like liquid.

Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane both write Anya Hepburn 's name on their arms to indicate that her turn is the next to use Tsugumi as a weapon but they end up forgetting since the pen washes off when they had an Off Screen Bath that was mentioned afterwards. Soul Eater Not! Jump to: navigationsearch.

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