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Top definition. The term is generally used by financial, technical professionals and project managers to describe a solid assumption of a numeric target. It is far more than a guess or even a good guess. One is attempting to accurately estimate a number associated with for example a budget or time requirement using the available limited data or in the worse case no data. If the individual offering the SWAG projection is well recognized and qualified in his area of expertise and he is offering it within that expertise, the likelihood that the SWAG will be taken seriously is high, especially if he has a proven track record. Someone when challenged on where he came up with his numbers says "well its a SWAG" and he lacks the credentials to support it, is not likely to be taken seriously. When challenged to project the budget for a project whose concept is new to the organization, a scientific-wild-ass guess SWAG may be the only means of generating a realistic set of numbers.

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SWAG is used to describe an estimate derived from a combination of factors including past experience, general impressions, and heuristic or approximate calculations rather than an exhaustive searchproofor rigorous calculation.

The SWAG is an educated guess but is not regarded as the best or most accurate estimate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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What is another word for wild guess? Need synonyms for wild guess? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Noun Wild guess or try. a shot in the dark. guess. random guess. conjecture. speculation. supposition. surmise. theorising UK. theorizing US. turn of . Apr 08,   S-W-A-G stands for a Scientific Wild Ass Guess. It's sometimes used more as a tongue-in-cheek way of saying: "This estimate isn't really reliable. I pulled it out of the air." I'm going to show you how to put the S - the science - back in a WAG so even an off-the-cuff estimate can be meaningful and useful to your audience. Oct 04,   "Scientific Wild Ass Guess"- SWAG is a common phrase used in the military. It is NOT a baseless shot in the dark. Asking someone for a SWAG is asking them to immediately give their best analysis using all available information in that moment. The.

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Categories : Acronyms Hypotheses Informal estimation American slang. View more. Related Questions Where does the term peek-a-boo come from?


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Note: This page may contain terms or definitions that are offensive or inappropriate for some readers. Acronym Definition SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics (team) SWAT Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory SWAT Soil and Water Assessment Tool (river basin model) SWAT Samba Web Administration Tool SWAT Students Working Against Tobacco SWAT Soldiers. A Wild Ass Guess (WAG) is an estimate that is based upon experience, similarity and 'windage' and does not have immediately verifiable data that could be used to substantiate the estimate. It is far more than a guess or even a good guess. One is attempting to accurately estimate a number associated with for example a budget or time requirement using the available limited data or .

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