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This is the fifth in a multi-part series from After Hours about anal play. You can see the other posts in the series as they come out here. Anal sex is pretty polarizing. No one is going to force you to try anal, but there are a few compelling reasons to give it a go:. Just like with any other type of sex, you have to take precautions to keep yourself safe during anal.

He may be horny because she's abstaining from sex from the time being and doing it because he can in this case, he couldn't. This is his first relationship and mine as well. He seems to be horny a lot due to the fact that we're not having sex.

But thanks for your answers. Refer to the top of the page for an ate. You do understand that a philia is actually something generally required for arousal and orgasm right? He was just horny. It was a bit painful and I was trying not to move, I'm surprised he didn't notice I was awake. Refer back to my ate please. How should I go about that without making either of us feel uncomfortable? Could be he "thought" he was going in the other hole which is even worse.

He is thinking of his own pleasure ONLY. It sounds like he tried to violate you without your consent. I hope he's never done this around her rectal area and either A torn her, because she won't know to clean it or B had any form of intercourse with her, I.

Oh lord this has gotten disgusting so fast.

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We can't and shouldn't speak for her. It is still rape, enjoyed or not, due to the lack of consent and the fact that he is hiding it, which suggests that given the chance to do it again he would or worse that he's done it before and it's habitual behavior. It's not rape until she says no. Haven't you ever been in an exclusive relationship? I have.

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It's always meant that we have implied consent, complete access to each other, unless one of us says "not now". That's like saying it's rape if a girl wakes you up by giving you a blowjob. You're a babe I would shove it in your ass anyday. Sexual Health. My boyfriend and I decided to have a little nap yesterday, I'm notmally a heavy sleeper and don't hear anything while I'm asleep.

Someone usually has to shake me for a while or make a lot of loud noises to wake me up. I wasn't really asleep when we had a nap, I was just very relaxed. I didn't move and I pretended to be asleep because a, I wanted to see how far he'd go while I was 'asleep', b, I wanted to see if he would confess about it when I woke up, and c, I didn't want to embarass him if I told him I wasn't asleep.

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I'm not ready for sex, we've done a lot of sexual activities, but not sex. Is what he did harmful in any way? And do you think he'll confess to it? When I 'woke up' he jumped up so quickly, pulled up my pants and left the room to 'fix' himself.

When he came back, he started kissing me then told me it was time to go home. I appreciate your answers though. All she did was place her lubricated fingers on the tip and move them around gently.


She also at one point felt around the testicles for some kind of pressure she explained. She immediately stopped touching me after I started to come and she's the one that cleaned up not me.

All I did was lay there.

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Did you warn her when you were about to blow? Sounds a bit wrong that she didn't at least keep stroking you through your orgasm. I'm guessing she'd have gotten a better sample that way as you'd have orgasmed harder and blown a bigger wad.

apologise, but

I guess my reserved groans gave it off that I was about to blow. But yes the cup was fuller than what I expected it to be. I feel like i was molested by her. I didn't consent to any of what happened.

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I didn't know they did that in physicals. Oh yeah, that makes sense. See if she does it again and ask her why. What makes you think ill go again and endure the embarrassment? To get jacked off by a pretty woman for free?

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Or however much ur copay is. If ur in America.

Is it weird that I asked my brother to give my butt cheeks a massage? I wouldn't disagree with you on the 75being turned on even if they knew it was with his sister, but I'm sure they'd only be secretly turned on and not admid it. Home > Flirting > Is it weird that I asked my brother to give my butt cheeks a massage? Most Helpful. Happy late birthday to Angelina Jolie! On Saturday, the mother of six turned For this special occasion, we share a collection of photos taken by photographer . Anal sex can be painful when not done with proper care and preparation, but it's totally worth it when you get it right. Try these positions for pleasure.

Doctors don't look at things as we do. Thing get more regular and natural for them. They do this everyday. Did you not read? I've never had sex or had anything done to me. I understand your concern. It is super intimate moment for you.

But try to look at from her side. How many times she has done it? Just try to remember how people were there at that clinic? I just blame her not to inform you beforehand. She should have done that, but she didn't.

This really sucks. I feel like going back to that clinic and asking them what exactly is procedure. That is ok. Go and ask. You have right to ask you know as a patient. No worries. She is nice and careful but she has to fallow the rules as a doctor. What if she does this treatment to anyone? And people even don't know? You can protect other people, but first yourself.

I was thinking she was feeling around for other things but it turns out she wanted the sperm. Well she needed sperm this is why she took sperms and put directly to the cup. I assume it is part if the examination. But normally you have to be informed beforehand. You feel bad about it right? Then you have to do sth about it.

If I were you, I would tell my mum. Your parents will help you to figure it out what to do, if sth wrong?

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Etc Don't be embarrassed anymore. It's a play on words. I assume you understand the literal meaning. The other meaning refers to a massage where the masseuse offers a "happy ending" which means a hand job. In other words they masturbate you. So the big question is: Did the pain go away afterwards?

Step sister anal

Its on and off. Even today im still feeling a little bit of pain but not as much. A bit of both. I loved the sensation but the feeling before and after i came was confused and yes, a little bit molested. I didn't ask for this. She told me to get comfortable and recommended it. I was like alright shrugged it off. Sexual Health. Okay so I went in for a physical since I've been having some aches in my lower testicle area.

My mom was worried so she insisted on me going even though I hate physicals. So I went in not knowing it was a female doctor performing the physical check up.

Step away from the porn, and set aside your worries and fears about the back door. All you need is this step-by-step guide to having comfortable, communicative, and mutually satisfying anal sex Author: Ashley Ross. My doctor made me come! was she supposed to do that? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. Okay so I went in for a physical since I've been having some aches in my lower testicle area. My mom was worried so she insisted on me going even though I hate physicals. I've never had sex or anything like that so I know its not like any kind of std. He stuck his d*** up my ass when I was asleep? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. oh my goodness, he is a total jerk. leave him. he violated you. he had anal sex with you without your consent, that is sodomy. if he could do that what other bounderies he won't cross, like rape and abuse. the question ain't if he will confess, the question should.

I was stunned cuz up until that moment I found out women perform physicals on males I thought it was same sex physicals all my life. She must have been in her early 30s, average in looks but pretty cuz of the blonde hair and eyes.

First time you saw a guy cum? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. Me and my step brother (who was 15) just finished swimming we went inside to shower my step brother was taking off his clothes, until then I had never seen a naked boy and wondered. My sister said she was 13 during a sleepover at a friend's house. Friend's brother. You've explored anal play for the first time, you've played with a few toys, and now you're ready to put that P in the A. Here's your guide to everything you need to know to try anal for. Anal sex is low-key very high maintenance. In theory, all you have to do is put a penis or object into someone's anus - but that doesn't always go smoothly, literally and figuratively. Foreplay.

I was so embarrassed when I had to pull my trousers off. I had a rock solid boner! I was apologizing to her every second. She then asked me to leave the pants on the floor and socks off to direct me to the paper bed. She started feeling me and it was weird cuz she was touching the head of my penis asking if I felt anything.

She started massaging n rubbing the tip while asking me a couple questions and I came!!! She had a cup in her other hand to collect the sperm.

I just had sex with my step sister?

Was she supposed to do that? Everything checked okay in the end but idk. I was profoundly embarrassed cuz she did that. And if you dont believe me then dont bother commenting. Share Facebook. My doctor made me come! Add Opinion. DodgersGM Master. At first I thought this was something really bad, like you'd been sexually assaulted, but now after reading your comments to other people I'm not so sure.

The part about "massaging" and "rubbing" the head of your penis sounds I mean, it's possible that they might do a fast visual inspection and they MIGHT touch any areas that looked suspicious, but the fact that you went in for testicular pain and you claim that she massaged and rubbed you is very odd.

I've had plenty of annual physicals by both male and female physicians and all they've ever done is the standard hernia test they cup your balls, "cough to the left, cough to the right" and a short testicular exam. There's two possibilities here: 1.

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You were taken advantage of. We'd have to hear a lot more to know how possible this is. She performed a routine exam, something you are not accustomed to, and the routine physical stimulation was enough to cause you to orgasm. She sensed that you might orgasm as a result of her examination and knew to grab a cup for faster cleanup.

For the people that are claiming she was intentionally trying to take a semen sample, this is not how that's done. Come on, people; doctors are not sex workers. What's this doctor's name and is she accepting new patients? Show All Show Less. I'm gonna need my passport and a visa to his country. NotHisEnemy Xper 4. Well, I'm going to google this to see if it's common or if it's malpractice or what, but if you had an erection and she was trying to see your response to stimuli in the penis, then it makes sense that you came.

And I don't think you needed to apologize for having an erection since she has plenty of other male patients and it probably happens a lot. The cup thing sounded weird to me, but she was probably just being prepared. Was there a male nurse in the room? Legally they're supposed to do that so that nothing inappropriate happens. I had to have a pap done by a male doctor and they had a female nurse come in "to make sure nothing weird happens".

It seems like it was supposed to happen if she was ready to collect it in a jar. Xper 6. When she was massaging and rubbing you what type of questions did she ask? That is important to this question. Her touching your head and asking if you felt anything sounds like a true question just to see if there is numbness in your head and loss of blood.

Usually when you have a procedure done for the first time, they'll explain or walk through what they're doing to you as they're doing it.

At least that's what my previous doctors have done. I find it strange that she didn't tell you what to expect before hand. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. She was supposed to make you cum. She knew you would cum, hence the reason she had the cup lol. She probably needs to test your semen. Touching the head of the dick stimulates all of its 4k nerves so it's no surprise you came lol. At least you had a nice female doctor do it for you, they gave me a magazine and told me to bust a nut lol.

Fuck no, im very well capable and she shouldve noticed that. JazzLuvnAnt Xper 4. Once you've got all of that down, it's time to choose a position. Ahead, some of our favorite anal sex positions that will give you a sense of the variety of options out there.

Find one that's exciting and comfortable for you, and don't forget to communicate with your partner throughout to make sure you're both enjoying yourselves. ICYMI, the sex toy industry has been blessing us with sales and free vibes galore as we ride out this storm in quarantine. Well, even as round-the-clock ne. Heavy petting. Dry sex.

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